Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Perfect Book for A Love Story

One of the things that I love to do is make creativity journals for people.  Over the years I have amassed a ridiculous amount of random papers, plus I can help myself from picking up tons of vintage papers/books anytime I see the opportunity.  I find using an assortment of interesting papers as a canvas for thoughts, doodles, collages, or photos creates a really great jumping off point for the imagination. Every once in awhile, I get the honor to create a very special book for someone, and collaborate with them to find papers, colors, and textures that reflect their spirit and passions.
I've been working on such a wonderous book this past couple weeks, and it is now zooming away across the states to land in the hands of a very special soon-to-be-wedded couple.  The book will serve as a guest book of sorts at their upcoming fall wedding.  I adored working on it and was over the moon with how beautifully all the ideas came together.  I couldnt be more excited to share with you a few peeks at some of my favorite parts of what I created for them...
 a love story from a vintage children's book
 pages from fashion magazine paired with valentines doily
 personal photos printed on fabric and hand embellished
 vintage wedding wrapping paper
fabric and paint makes such a yummy textured one of a kind cover
 lots of interesting shapes, sizes, and colors paired throughout
 hand embroidered photo of the couple and a love note
woodland creatures from old story book
 recycled ribbons from old saris and hand dyed silk, so rich in color

I can't wait for their friends and family to fill the pages with love and well wishes for the couple's new life together.  What do you think?   

*(If you are looking for a unique book to serve as a journal, photo album, gift, or anything else you can dream up, I'd love to create something special just for you.  Just send me a message that you want a custom journal and I can create a custom listing for you in my shop.  I also have pre-made creativity journals available in my Etsy Shop.) 

Thanks for letting me share my latest creation with you!


  1. I'd love you to do me my own design so I shall email you about it.
    Keep checking your inbox!
    Melissa xx

  2. I would love a journal to honor my son, Lucas. He is struggling to stay alive and is going to be worked up for a lung transplant. I want to honor his life, his courage and his impact on all that have been touched by him. Thank you, Cheryl Sweet

  3. wow, this is beautiful. i just stopped by via FN and did a little bit of looking around and already i think you're a great artist and inspiration. wow.

  4. your blog is really inspirational. i stopped by via leigh anns blog, thank you for sponsoring her giveaway as well :)


  5. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! Your artwork is unbelievable. It truly makes my heart happy! I'm so glad that LA's blog pointed me in your direction!!


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