Saturday, February 26, 2011

On my work table...

I've been working on a custom journal for a wedding, to serve as a sign in/memory book for the couple.  I dont often do custom work with journals, but this bride-to-be was so super cute about it that I just had to say yes.  Here's a small peek...(saving a few surprises just for them to discover)...

made a custom cover using one of my artworks.. the "Love Bird",  how perfect! :)

Wedding colors are Chocolate Brown, Vintage Teal, and Avocado Green.  I adore how specific wedding colors can be, although it does make it tricky to find the right hues for book pages to match.

There are fun tabs and special elements on almost every page...heres two love birds making their nest (something I found in an old German text book).

I had a lot of fun playing with graphic design elements and pictures of the couple to make one of a kind art pages for the book.  (you can see the tabbed edge of it, since I want to preserve their anonymity.)

Super cute Hippo couple made into a page tab, found in a vintage grade school text.  Mr and Mrs Hippo are very much in love, cant you tell? :)

A bit of cutesiness...

a bit of craftiness...

and a lucky find at a grocery store where their paper bags were giving me the perfect add in for this collection of memories.

Whew... it was a lot of work, but I am so happy to get to send it to its new home.  I wish a lifetime of happiness and joy for these two very special people.  Thanks for letting me a small part of your big day! :) 


  1. i love it! it is so colorful and fun. i really like how you work the b/w with all your color. it just makes it all pop. i never journal. i really need to do that more for some playful creating.

  2. just awesome! i love all of the different page sizes and the HIPPOS!! insane cuteness! what a great use of one of your gorgeous journals.

  3. What an amazing gift for them. That will be a book to remember and look back at often.


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