Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scrap Art Discoveries

Using recycled, upcycled, and reurpused materials in my art journals and artworks is really important to me.  I always try to use at least 50% found materials in my art journals, heck its where I can up with the idea to start making them.  I was moving and in the process of packing my art room, I discovered that I owned 3 giant tubs full of random papers/magazines/books, that I was saving for some unknown future project.  So I created the Creativity Art Journal, where the covers are taken from used shipping boxes and the papers are mixed with pages from old books, discarded stuff, used paper bags/newspapers, and taped-together scrap pieces.

But I really like to challenge myself to get more of these types of materials in my art pieces as well.  This can sometimes be a bit more tricky.  This is how I came up with Scrap Art.  (it was also a huge part due to the fact that my son (who's 2) HAS to be painting anytime he sees that I am painting.   So with my little boy in hand and a box of supplies, we set up our "studio."  With some torn up squares from an old box, some acrylic paints, a big brush, and a pile of random bits and pieces of collage elements that I saved from the trash or were left over from other projects, we CREATED together.  He did all the painting.  I just arrange the elements to be added and squirted more paint when he instructed me.   I blogged about this day HERE.  As promised in the previous blog, I finished up the pieces (added some pen work and some words, and chained them together as a cohesive wall piece).  I just love them!  Scrap Art is my new favorite blend of my art time and mothering!  I predict many more pieces will appear over this year.  Here is some pics of the finished piece and some close-ups.

It says (from top to bottom) Imagine/ Dwell in Possibilities/ Free Your Spirit/ Find Bliss.  The other painting next to it is a work in progress.  Just hanging there to dry at the moment, and I will show you more of her when she's finished.

Ooh I just adore them!  A bit of messiness to add beauty to your day.  Let me know what you think.  Have you created anything from "trash?"  Tell me about it and post links.


  1. Wow Harmony!! I really love these a whole lot! Are you selling them and how much. I might want first dibbs and I have bday money. Email me if you are

    Jordan and I have TONS of scraps, papers, old tickets or bingo sheets. Jordan mostly uses them for cards he makes (he's really good) and I am intending to someday finish four paintings I'm working on. One is a tree and then three smaller that will have roots spread out on the three and I want to put a lot of old paper and scraps incorperated. I'm not sure where to start though.

    Love your art! Patricia.

  2. I love this!! Love the whole messiness of it. That's something I want to be able to do more of with my art...the letting go and freedom. Just a great idea with the scraps and getting to create them with your son. Can't wait to see more. Are you caught up on Flying Lessons? I am behind a couple of days, but hoping to get on track this weekend. And BTW, your blog looks fab, I'm going to check out Shabby Blogs and see if there is anything I can use.

  3. I loke it!!! Did Izzy help you again? ;)
    looks special and very like Harmony. So sad that I see it just as pictures here and not real ...


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