Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have an ordinary sparkling moment on me

I have long been enamored with Swirly Girls 100 Books Project.   I've been following the incredible stories for several months on her blog.  If you haven't visited it before, you simply must take a look.  Now all I want to do is start giving away anonymous art. What an incredible gift!  I really do believe that art is one of the most beautiful mediums for connecting to other people and bringing joy into someone's life.

Here's a video I found tonight that she (Christine Mason Miller - ie Swirly Girl) did based on this amazing book she wrote, that is at the heart of the project. It is just simply inspiring and lovely. It had motivated me to stop watching life and wishing I could do something about my dreams and actually do it! Take a moment to relax and let your heart and dreams soar!

Thanks Swirly Girl for the wonderful moment and the inspiration!!
I think I might give away some art this week. ;) (stay tuned...)

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  1. Hi Harmony,
    I love Swirly Girl too and have been following her journey for a while. She's very inspiring, especially pushing through the tricky parts. In regards to your previous post...I have struggled with this too, but come to the same conclusion. Although I am pulled to my art and crave those sweet,extended periods of studio time, alone time, the fact remains that they will not stay young forever and we can't miss it. Everything we do now is building who we are and will come out in future art. There will come a time when they will prefer to be somewhere else, which will be heartbreaking, but we will take comfort in our work then. For now, as I am working full-time, caring for my daughter and husband and getting my business back up and running, I have learned to use small chunks of time any way I can. You would be surprised at how good you feel even if you only have 10 minutes, but you do something. Paint a base color on a canvas, cut out collage items, create an arrangement, or even just cleaning up your studio space so it will be ready for the next time chunk. You are doing a fab job, keep it up!


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