Friday, June 4, 2010

A Flower and a Girl

I did it!  I overcame my fear and took a first step.  It was REALLY hard.  So many voices in my head telling me to stop, to paint over it and start again because its not good enough - which I did SEVERAL times!  But I knew this girl was in there somewhere, that if I tried long enough and hard enough, I could unearth her in the paint.  She's a bit of a self-portrait - not in the face of course (not ready to take on that challenge yet), but her style, her hair, her body shape and stance, her melancholy while standing in indecision, thats all me.  As I painted the true story began to take shape.  Its my moment, my first step, the choice to leave my comfort zone that does nothing for my spirit and enter the garden to grow my soul.

I want to make art all the time now.  Its all I think about.  I want to be an artist that can support herself with her creations and know that what I am making will go on to inspire others and bring connection, hope, and joy.  I have discovered this to be my calling as a witness to my Creator.  I am beautifully made to make beautiful things!  I recently undertook a 9month long internship with my husband seeking out our Spiritual Calling as a family.  I think the best piece of truth that I took with me from that experience was to "pay attention to the things in our lives that bring us the most joy and we hold the most passion for, for it is in there that we will find our Calling from God."  He has given me my art back and let the pieces of myself that I scattered and ignored for so long, start to heal back together.  I think I have found my Calling. 


  1. really nice piece. I like how the other flowers seem to have the position and color to get ones attention, but she is more into this one flower that is nearest to her. I think God created us all to be like him and create. The lucky ones like you and me realize our purpose.

  2. It looks really great, Harm! I love her! She's beautiful!

  3. Wow Harmony - I really love this painting!! The girl is perfect! Love love LOVE it!! No doubt. Keep it up! BTW - I saw in person the notebook necklace you gave Corinna!! They are really great! You do good work and this suites you well.


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