Monday, October 22, 2012

just a quick hello

Its been quiet around here for almost 5 months.  The reason being that my "real" life has been so amped up and in high gear that I had to let go of some of the "fullness" even when it is very good stuff, just so I could find moments of peace.  I am happy to share that I've been working away in my creative spaces, sharing amazing moments with beautiful creative souls here in my home town, started volunteering with a local artist collective, and am now in full "soccer mom" mode toting my two kiddos from event to event. (who knew 4 year olds had social lives?)  So I just wanted to pop by, send you some love and a bit of inspiration.  Here's one of my latest pieces.  (If you are wondering if the words are digital, they are.  In real life there is a metal plate that I stamped the words into, but that doesnt translate too well in a scan).

Have a blessed and beautiful October.  I promise to return more regularly as soon as the Fall festival season winds down.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Messiest Mess Free Play Ever

I am having a blast playing with photography and creating Photoshop brushes from scans of my old artworks to make something totally new.  It's sort of turning into a bit of a creative photo album for my son.  You see, I want so badly to get in my Creation Space (my new title for my craft/painting hole) and start art journaling again as a daily practice, but as I find myself back in newborn/baby days it's hard to do that without either risking getting toxic materials on the baby, or wasting precious supplies because they dried out during our on demand nursing/ play times (this has been the fate of most of my brushes at this point).  Digital Art Journaling is totally where its at for mess free mommy play for those selfishly (and necessary!) stolen moments in between all the loving on your kiddos.  I highly recommend the practice as a daily expression of creativity and spiritual renewal.  I get to look through the pics I took that week and choose a few to mass around with then add the words that are on my heart at that time.  Here's a few of my latest this week.   As you can see the theme of playfulness and freeing my inhibitions has been on my mind lately.  Maybe they will inspire something new for you.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Create Wildly Today!

You have a creative heart.  It should be celebrated.  Often we bind our creativity up because we are afraid of the messiness it takes to make something new.  Its the process of creating that we fear, not the end result itself.  We fear the mess.  The in between stages of trying something new are often ugly and painful, and we tend to try either skipping to the end or not starting at all in order to avoid those growing pains of creating.  I know this all too well.  My emotional baggage is littered with ideas never realized because I was either too scared or too scattered to work through them and discover my potential.  I am on the road to creative recovery, and my offering to you today is this...

Recover with me!  It may be time for some creative therapy in your life as well.  Share your story.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Gentle Reminder For Myself

With all the distractions of modern day living being way too available for sucking away my time, (and the craving it develops for us to want to be entertained at all times) here's just a little reminder that I needed today...

 artwork by Harmony Lenasbunt 2012
So here's my challenge for us all to take a day and unplug, turn it all off, look around us, and breathe in life just a bit more slowly...  This is a very good thing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dreaming Big, It takes two.

Dream Big
Original Mixed Media by Harmony Lenasbunt 2012

Well, I just returned from the show in Chattanooga.  I am always amazed at the resiliency of my kiddos.  They took the 8 hour trip like champs and handled the busy show schedule with ease.  My now 5 month old spent the early mornings strapped to my front while I hung paintings and organized prints at the show tent, while my 4 year old busied himself with a "scene" of wooden birds he had stolen from my display and hid under one of the tables playing happily for hours.  The show was fun, with lots of great stories heard from various people visiting my booth, and new friends made from the amazing array of talented creatives that were vending beside me.  It was a terrible selling show, as we barely made back the cost of our space fee and our hotel bill, but I always love visiting Chattanooga, which made up for that fact.  My husband and I always call it the "city of wonders" because they always have some totally interesting or off the wall thing to explore around almost every corner in the downtown area, and we have had several family vacations there in the past.  This visit did not disappoint us in the slightest.  The weather, which had been promised to be awful (thunderstorms and constant rain), ended up being a mix of clouds, sun, and perfectly cool, a welcome respite for this heat wearied Floridian.  I was so blessed to also have the willing hands and companionship of my sister, her husband, my brother and his wife along for the weekend, so there was lots of help and plenty of time away from the booth to play with my boys and visit other venders and enjoy the art festival itself.  I actually really hate the selling part of shows, love setting up and seeing it all together and beautifully arranged, but when it comes down to watching people pick over what you created, it just feels odd and I want to be as far from the booth as possible during that part of the show.  I do love the stories though.  How a certain image or phrase sparked some memory for them or inspires a dream.  I love to encourage each person to keep reaching for that place of peace and happiness that they hope for, keep being creative, keep finding joy in little simple bits of life and letting it seep into their souls.  I hope my art can do that for a few people, and I send out my own gratitude to each person that took the time to look at my work and took a piece of it home with them.  You are inspiring my own dream, and so I thank you all.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A bit of catch up...

My world has been overwhelmed with good things lately.  Mothering, art making, new friendships, all good stuff, but I have been lacking in my posts here.  I am truly an introvert in that way.  When my life gets really busy, I tend to shut out any other social outlets that I can, just to keep myself feeling on top of it all.
So to catch up a bit, here's a few pics of my Easter Boys.
 Always the happiest baby in town, my sweet Zay celebrated his first Easter Day with all the Joy that the Lord has given.  He is such a gift to me, I often wonder what I did to deserve such sweetness.

 My oldest, Izzy, was not interested in a regular easter egg hunt, so my sister ingeniously incorporated his favorite game into the mix and viola! He was so excited to help the Angry Birds recover their stolen eggs that the pigs hid around his Grandmother's yard.

And then there was lots of train time with Grandpa...

I always forget to take pictures of myself and my husband.  I suppose all the cuteness just distracts me, but we had a wonderful weekend of friends and family gatherings.  I couldnt have imagined a better way to celebrate resurrection day!

So in my life right now, I have two art shows coming up in the next month, which has put me and my sister back together working again to get the booth, artwork, displays, all together and ready.   I am making some shifts and trying to do more ART shows and less CRAFT shows.  The crafting part of getting ready for a festival is like and addiction but the work load sucks the life out of me, so I am trying to quit.  I am on step 2 of the craft making recovery process.  It might be a long road ahead to a full healing, even now I've had two different moments this week of "I could totally make that and sell at my shows!", and then I have to stop myself and remember my promise to myself and my boys that I am done with mass crafting (no matter how stinking cute and easy it looks on pinterest!).   So I have reinvented my booth to feature mostly just art and prints and invested in a professional wall system.  Here's a booth shot with a quick mock set up I did the other day for a show application.
(of course I realize after the shot and everything was put away that the paintings in the back were crooked).
I  honestly wish that I could just make art and somehow it would find its way to the people who want it, without all this presentation and show, but I am trying to pay my dues to the process of becoming a selling artist, and I am very blessed to have my family supporting me in this and my sister's dedication as a teammate to helping me get there.  I have been working really hard on some new pieces.  I havn't been able to get them scanned yet, so I'll post them as soon as I can.  In the mean time, I did a few more digital artworks using layers of my own hand-illustration and vintage photos that I own.
 The Dancer  2012 by Harmony Lenasbunt

I Vow Forever 2012 by Harmony Lenasbunt

You can find prints of both of them in my shop.  I hope you are having a wonderful April.  I will be on the road with my family next weekend doing my first OUT OF STATE show.  YIKES! I am a bit nervous, but it should be lots of fun.  If any of you are around the Chattanooga area, come on out and see us at the Chatty Crafty.  Well, there's a little boy yelling my name, so I'll sign off.  Be blessed and check back for new painting updates and pics from our next show.  Ciao Bellas!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

She Has The Spirit Of An Eagle

In her is the courage and strength to take a leap of faith and soar to enormous heights letting her dreams guide her heart.