Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Messiest Mess Free Play Ever

I am having a blast playing with photography and creating Photoshop brushes from scans of my old artworks to make something totally new.  It's sort of turning into a bit of a creative photo album for my son.  You see, I want so badly to get in my Creation Space (my new title for my craft/painting hole) and start art journaling again as a daily practice, but as I find myself back in newborn/baby days it's hard to do that without either risking getting toxic materials on the baby, or wasting precious supplies because they dried out during our on demand nursing/ play times (this has been the fate of most of my brushes at this point).  Digital Art Journaling is totally where its at for mess free mommy play for those selfishly (and necessary!) stolen moments in between all the loving on your kiddos.  I highly recommend the practice as a daily expression of creativity and spiritual renewal.  I get to look through the pics I took that week and choose a few to mass around with then add the words that are on my heart at that time.  Here's a few of my latest this week.   As you can see the theme of playfulness and freeing my inhibitions has been on my mind lately.  Maybe they will inspire something new for you.



  1. very fun shot! love what you did with it too.

  2. You are always inspiring us my friend! I love that you keep growing and expanding yourself in your art work!
    I think of you often and hope family life is well, I know it is! Love to you!

  3. What a fantastic way to mix it up a bit! Love! Aren't those messy days the BEST!? We should get the boys together and throw some paint around. :)


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