Monday, October 22, 2012

just a quick hello

Its been quiet around here for almost 5 months.  The reason being that my "real" life has been so amped up and in high gear that I had to let go of some of the "fullness" even when it is very good stuff, just so I could find moments of peace.  I am happy to share that I've been working away in my creative spaces, sharing amazing moments with beautiful creative souls here in my home town, started volunteering with a local artist collective, and am now in full "soccer mom" mode toting my two kiddos from event to event. (who knew 4 year olds had social lives?)  So I just wanted to pop by, send you some love and a bit of inspiration.  Here's one of my latest pieces.  (If you are wondering if the words are digital, they are.  In real life there is a metal plate that I stamped the words into, but that doesnt translate too well in a scan).

Have a blessed and beautiful October.  I promise to return more regularly as soon as the Fall festival season winds down.


  1. Well, hello! I was just thinking of you yesterday. I have no doubt you are as busy as I am, these small boys take up so much time and energy ;-) Love your latest piece! XXX

  2. Beautiful piece of art. I am glad you're taking time to enjoy life. Have a great day!


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