Monday, May 7, 2012

Create Wildly Today!

You have a creative heart.  It should be celebrated.  Often we bind our creativity up because we are afraid of the messiness it takes to make something new.  Its the process of creating that we fear, not the end result itself.  We fear the mess.  The in between stages of trying something new are often ugly and painful, and we tend to try either skipping to the end or not starting at all in order to avoid those growing pains of creating.  I know this all too well.  My emotional baggage is littered with ideas never realized because I was either too scared or too scattered to work through them and discover my potential.  I am on the road to creative recovery, and my offering to you today is this...

Recover with me!  It may be time for some creative therapy in your life as well.  Share your story.


  1. I am catching up on my blog reading today and yours made my heart skip a beat! I am sitting here with hot tea in hand, as if I am visiting with you in the same room. Your words spoke to me today, thank you Harmony. I feel as though I am in a creative slump, writing a lot, but not creating. Why do we allow ourselves to let everything else come before taking care of our creative selves??? I love your words, and I love you more!!!!

  2. Hey Harmo. :) I haven't been on your blog in a looong time, but I was just reading this today and it's so good to hear. I've been learning not to avoid the in-between mess of creating beautiful architecture (definitely in the messy stage right now) and needed to be reminded that this is a good part of the creative process.

    Love you and miss you!



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