Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Use your scraps: DIY Lacey Stones

I am always looking for unique ways to use all the scraps of lace, yarn and ribbons I collect after my major projects.  As I was cleaning out some bins in my craft room last night, I found a collection of river rocks that I had gathered a while back in hope to do something crafty with them.  With a little glue (or gel medium if you've got it) and a pair of scissors, I cut little bits of lacey lovely things and just adhered them to the surface of the rocks, then tied on bits of ribbon, yarn, or thread.  It was super easy and so fast, and they turned out so cute. 
They could sit on a shelf or have a sweet little message tied to them and be given to a friend in need of some artsy love. 
These three will be sent with lovely little messages to to the next three people that join in on my Made With Love art mail project.  What could be more fun!?  
In fact anyone who sends me art in the next two weeks will get a lovely little stone gift from me.  Speaking of gifts, the holiday season is coming fast, and I have lots and lots of new things to list in my Etsy Shop.   First up will be these sweet little necklaces made from antique lace and linen. 
I have listed this one here, and there will be lots more joining her throughout the day.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute idea! You could give them as "pet rocks" to your friends for xmas!!!

  2. Very nice idea!!! These stones are cute!!!
    And the necklace is wonderful!

  3. Oh my gosh, that necklace is GORGEOUS!


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