Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something old, Something new

I was really hoping to have an Art Journaling video finished for you today, but I need a bit more time to edit it.  Everything just seems to take me a bit longer to complete these days, but I guess I have the excuse of being almost 37 weeks pregnant.  So I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into some other artsy fun I've been experimenting with lately.  Remember the Flower Embroidery Hoops that I did a while back? Well, that particular idea has morphed into using vintage photos and "painting" on them with thread.  Here is one of them.  I did some fun close up shots of the stitches on the piece.  I am really having fun with a new macro extender tube on my camera.  It gives an unusual perspective on something typical, and I like that. 

 There she is...isnt she so lovely? The photo was an original of a newlywed couple from Germany all dressed up in their wedding attire.  Here's the original photo...
 Arent they gorgeous?  I love how serious people are in old photos.  Most likely because they have been holding that same pose for a ridiculously long time waiting for the image to expose, and couldn't hold a smile the whole time.  So, I scanned it and cropped it down to just the woman's upper torso, printed on fabric, and framed in a vintage metal hoop.  Then I spent days and days with her just letting the colors, shapes, and stitches present themselves to me organically as I kept adding and adding.  She measures 5" across and is hung by a hand dyed silk ribbon.  I have several more of these I will be sharing soon, so stay tuned.  If you are interested in her, send me a message, otherwise I will be saving her for my next show.  Have a splendid day, and remember to look at something typical today in an unusual way! 


  1. You are wonderfully creative! These turned out so whimsical and them!!

  2. That is so fun!! I love how you did her hair.


  3. This is beautiful :]
    Lovely work!

  4. Crazy and gorgeous! Your photography is absolutely lovely by the way =)

  5. Oh this is amazing!! Can I ask how you print it on the fabric?? Also where can I find beautiful ribbon like that??
    Best wishes for a wonderful birth!!! Xo dawn


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