Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Friendship Created through Art... Mail Art Exchange

I recently jumped in on Mindy Lacefield of Tim's Sally call for a mail art exchange that she put out on her blog.  I absolutely love the idea of exchanging art of all kinds with other creative people and didnt hesitate to whip up a fun 4X4" piece for her and send it out in a brightly painted envelope.  Yesterday, I received my reply from her! Isnt it adorable?  I have always loved Mindy's art, have been honored to get to know her a bit through the internet, and she has consistently been a huge inspiration for me to take risks and follow dreams in my art process.  Getting an envelope full of her artsy goodness this week made me feel more connected to her and more in general with artists like me trying to live out their dreams.

Then I started thinking, what if we just kept this thing going and many more artsy/crafty people needing connection in their creative process started exchanging mail art?  We could spread smiles and encouragement all over the world!  I know that I dont have many artistic friends here in my hometown working to make a living from their creative passions, and often I feel a bit isolated in my journey.  I am also in the phase of my life where I am growing a family, and my babies are little, so this Mommy is pretty tied down for a few years, no matter how badly I want to attend an art retreat or creative connection event somewhere across the country and find my creative tribe that way.  This is exactly why the internet connections and friends I've made through my blog have been so important to me, and help me feel a part of something greater than just me alone in my art room making things I think are pretty or important.  So here's me saying, let's connect!  Send me your art!  I'd be honored to send some of that magic back your way to encourage you as well.  Let's call this project MADE WITH LOVE because it will be exactly that!

I hope to post pics, of the art I receive, here on my blog and would be honored to include a bit of a story along with them.  If you feel brave and want to share a piece of your heart with me, send me some art and tell me a bit about you as well... why you created it or what your creative journey has been, or whatever your spirit desires.  It's all about connecting and creating an encouraging network of creative friendships.  This is will be an open on-going call, so at any time, this week/next month/next year, that you want to send me something you've created, I will receive it with a grateful heart and be overjoyed to send something back to you.

My Address:
Harmony Lenasbunt
2401 SE 12th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32641

**FYI: If you are interested in joining Mindy's mail art call, (which you totally should, because she is amazing!), just visit HERE for the details.


  1. I am in too :) And loving making some small sized artworks to send in pretty envelopes !
    I noted your address to send you something (I made a call for mail art on my blog as well heee)

  2. Love this idea .. will be sending you something soon ! (And I think I need to do this on my blog too !!)

  3. Awesome idea:O) Will be sending out soon:O)

  4. Dearest sweet harmony, this is truly such a inspiring and wonderful idea! I don't have many friends locally that could understand why i do the things im doing and having this supportive comunity online is just so important to me. Once i catch my breath from a plate full of projects waiting to be completed. I would love to whip something up and send it your way. :) Have a lovely merry happy monday and a beautiful week! Love to you!

  5. Harmony this is wonderful, I too joined in with Mindy's mail art thing and enjoyed it so much I was planning to do one right on my blog too ;)

    I am like you and don't have many friends that are arty and 'get me' locally so it is fabulous to reach out hands of friendship across the world :)

    I will send you something soon :)

    Micki x

  6. i created your mail art, as said in our mail, yesterday. I will send it to you very soon.

  7. I love this idea! It is soo great! I just wish I had more time to send you something.. perhaps when the Summer holidays come along if the idea is still running I would love to still send you something, I love making art for people just as much if not more than for myself! x

  8. Fantastic, love the idea! :]
    Count me in.
    I will be creating your "artsy" piece this week.
    Take care <3

  9. Hi Harmony! I love your idea. A little (he)arty creation will come flying to you all the way from Holland :)

  10. your mail art is on your way.....tell me when you get it!!!

  11. woooohooooo!! i love this fun circle of sharing. you inspire me harmony. so glad you love your mail art. thank you for being such a sweet friend. i'm so happy our paths haved crossed. xoxo!! mindy


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