Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Morning Photo Session: New Artwork!

Remember my morning run and impromptu garden photo session a few weeks back?  Well, I have turned some of those pics into art! I was really inspired by this artist and her incredible art yarn paintings, and thought I could do something similar with hand stitching.  I printed the photos onto fabric and mounted them into my newly purchased oh-so-amazing vintage metal hoops, and just plodded along one stitch at a time.  They took me a lot longer to complete than I had thought they would.  Everything on them is done by hand, no pattern, just me slowly painting along with a needle and thread, creating a truly organic pattern that celebrates and tributes the beauty and art that can be found our natural world.  I finished them last night, and so my son and I staged a bit of a photo session with them this morning so I could share a special first look at them with you. 
They measure 4", 5", and 7" and have vintage hand dyed silk ribbon to hang them from.  They are one of a kind original mixed media fiber art, and I couldn't be more proud of them.  I will be listing these on Etsy later this week, so if you are interested in any of them and want them reserved for you, please message me. 

So if you are wondering what happens behind the scenes when trying to photograph art while taking care of a small child, then here's a bit of the other side to our morning.

Here's me on the front porch, because its the only place in my horribly lit Florida home that gets decent light in the morning, and yes I am still in my PJs.  I'll be honest though, I spend most of my days now working at home in my PJs.  What's the point of getting dressed when all my pregnant self wants to wear is baggy shirts and stretchy pants anyway?  I can still just barely see my toes, Yay! - I did have to lean forward a bit though :)

Baby boy was on the hunt for more flowers for me to photograph.  We have very little as far as flowering plants in our yard right now (who has time to garden?) but he did very excitedly produce this lovely purple wild flower discovered under a bush.  He loves to bring me flowers, roots and all.

Then he decided that he needed to paint the cardboard that I was using as a background for my hoop shots, and drug out some white paint and a brush that he swiped from my craft room while I was busy shooting.  Here he is showing me how he painted my flower and made it pretty.  He also apparently made the walkway pretty as well...(somebody should be watching this child more closely).

So there you have it, my latest creations and a bit of our morning.  I have quite a few more of these hoops in the works that I am saving for Fall Craft Show season, but I just couldn't resist sharing these first few with you.  Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! I am off to hose down an exuberant young painter and a walkway. 


  1. Love your posts - They brighten my day - I LOVE your Fiber Artwork - Lovely - Your son is such a handsome boy - And he has the art bug like his Mom - Fun to see ... Hoping you are feeling alright ... Enjoy the day!

  2. They look amazing! What a great idea!

  3. Beautiful! And such a delight to read!

  4. Love these! I would like to try putting fabric through my printer but I'm afraid of it getting stuck! Is there a trick to it? Or maybe one printer is better than others for that purpose?

    Your son is adorable! And your belly/toe pic, too!!! Made me smile! :)

  5. Karen, thank you so much for your kind words :) Printing on fabric is not so hard. You can google it for lots of instructional videos. I used the freezer paper technique, but you can also buy fabric "papers" that are pre-made to go through a printer. Good luck!

  6. Just got connected thru the Hive and have posted there but now subscribed to your feed-- Great ideas jAN

  7. incredibly succulent!
    : )
    fibre artist

  8. Hi Harmony I love working with image transfers, I like what you have did with yours very colourful!


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