Thursday, October 6, 2011

Show Update and Look Back at Myself

This week has been flying by for me, mostly because I have been locked down at my house prepping for shows.  I know I keep saying that in almost every post lately, but I promise it's true.  You might be wondering what exactly is involved in this process.  Well, it's designing covers for journals (like the pic above), printing prints, signing and packaging them, ordering selling and display supplies, designing and ordering new biz cards, creating this years calendar and ordering the cases, finishing paintings that need to have sides painted, or framed or varnished, making lots and lots and lots of art journals, making wood mounted prints, signing and pricing everything, checking the tent, my signs, my display signs,  deciding on my set up, cleaning display shelves, finding all my table linens washing and pressing them, making buttons/magnets/mirrors (cause you have to have items in every price point!), and that's not even getting into organizing all the financial transaction materials, UGH! (It's tedious work, which I am terrible at doing efficiently, so everything seems to take me twice as long.  Plus last year I had a helper and this year I am flying solo.  So, I really apologize for not responding to comments and emails very quickly right now.  I will get to them when life slows a bit, I promise.  I thought it would be fun to take a look back at myself one year ago, doing this same show.  It was my first REAL show.  I learned a ton of lessons through it that I shared and put up a short video of what it all looked like in the end.  Check it out HERE.  If you do shows or even if you only attend craft/art shows, it's really a fun post to see a bit of what the vendors are going through behind all the pretty displays.  Have a blessed day in whatever is on your agenda.  I hope it goes productively and efficiently. ;)


  1. Your first show sounds brilliant. I love the piece at the top too =) Your art is so inspiring x

  2. I enjoyed watching the video of your first show. I hope you will make another video this year! I am doing my first craft show--something much smaller-scale than what you are doing here--but I am inspired (and maybe just a little intimidated) to see all of your preparations here. I have a month to get my act together!


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