Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Painting: Seek authentic

Creative Authenticity has been an overwhelming theme for me lately in my own work.  What does it mean to you to be creatively authentic?  I find sometimes it's really hard to feel genuine and true to myself, my style, my heart in my artworks when I am stretching and learning and growing.  I am so influenced by everything around me, everything I see, admire, get inspired by.  I often wonder what the line is between influence by inspiration and true organic creating?  If I use lots of ink and scrawled words am I being too Sabrina Ward?  If I use bubble wrap to create a layer in one of my backgrounds, is that just being Kelly Rae?  What about if I use type font stamps to create inspirational phrases, is that just Christine Masons thing?  I haven't figured this one out yet, so I am working very hard to create with as much of all the other influences and images as stripped away from my conscious as possible and do things that make me happy.
What didn't shock me in this process was to see a gravitation in my style away from the folk artsy look that I started with last year and a drastic movement into bright, bold, and kind of grungy.  These are the things that I really love and want to surround myself with in my own home, so it makes sense that this would come out of me.  So I am on a mission to understand more about being creatively authentic in my work.  This pic is of one of my latest mixed media paintings, and it is truly a piece from my heart.  This one was created with lots of layers, vintage papers, paint, inks, vintage lace pieces, stamping, and did you notice the use of my handmade artsy tape from my DIY?  It tells me to seek adventure in all things and not be settled with the normal routine for too long.  I love this idea.  If we arent pushing ourselves into new spaces, experiences, growing and moving, then we've lost opportunities for incredible discoveries and immense amounts of joy.  So take a risk today, seek adventure in whatever you are doing.  It doesnt have to be a gigantic step, adventure can be found in little details and small moments of magic.  I'd love to hear your thoughts about creative authenticity and how you are taking an adventure today.


  1. I am love love LOVING this!! You are so talented!

  2. This is serendipity at it's finest! This is a wonderful post and so perfectly timed...

    I was just thinking about this very topic while in the shower today... I too, am on a journey of re-discovering who I am creatively and artistically. After creating murals and artwork based on clients tastes and preferences for 7 years, I have found myself floundering a bit to discover where my true passion lies...

    Thank you for this post - it was just the inspiration (and affirmation) I needed today :)


  3. Dear Harmony,
    I am new to your site and love your work! It's so full of life and expression and heart and soul.

    I love your "seek adventure" painting above -- it is beautiful and very creatively authentic! I am very new to the art world ... I'm just exploring now, learning, a bit afraid of the paint brush. But one thing I've read is that no matter how inspired you are by other people's artwork or poetry or photographs ... no matter how many artists or poets you study and admire ... your art will always be authentic because it's from YOU. There's no way it CAN'T be authentic. Whatever pours out of you will be authentically creative -- there's no other way.

    Even if we try to create like someone else, our art will always be stamped with our unique voice and expression because it came from our own hand, out of our own soul. (Now I just need to pick up a paintbrush to discover my voice :-)).

  4. Hi Harmony, I totally relate to your thoughts of authenticity. I think mixed media is a movement like 'impressionism' was in the 19th century so we are all experimenting with new ideas and some of us share by teaching etc. Eventually, we will develop are own unique style that will shine through. Bob Dylan is the most original songwriter but he admits that in the beginning he just copied the sounds of all the artists that he admired. Also, the most generous teachers like Suziblu actually incourage copying as a process to arrive at our own style

  5. Harmony - I just love your work - What a beautiful piece - We all have our signature, our own touch and our own ways of expressing ourselves ... This is why art is engaging!

  6. you have the talent that I can only dream of! Well done, beautiful work!

  7. Oh, woe! What a great piece! I honestly don't know much about art, but I know I'd love to have this hung on my wall ;).

    I found you through LA's blog, btw.

    Hope you're having a great week! ;D


  8. beautiful art!
    I believe we all have our own unique way of creating.. to copy others is a disservice.. we always create being us... making art fr the heart. That's what I do every day on my blog.. and I'm always happy with the results.
    There is room for everyone.

  9. You said: "It tells me to seek adventure in all things and not be settled with the normal routine for too long. I love this idea."

    I am SO with you on this!! Right now I'm kind of on the same page, wondering where "my art" begins and the influence of other artists' work ends. Thanks for the reminder to take risks, seek adventure, and notice what makes my heart sing.

  10. love this! I believe 100% in:
    "seek adventure always"


  11. Love this post - I can completely relate to your struggle to find creative authenticity! I've taken several workshops from great artists - either in person or online - and while I have learned SO much and am so grateful for what I have come away with...I also find myself challenged.... Challenged to find my own creative voice, so to speak...a style all my own, in which I can incorporate all these wonderful things I've learned, while not feeling like I'm "reproducing" the art from the original artist. Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with this! :)


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