Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Inspired by: Citlalli of Sew Beastly!

Happy Monday everyone!  I quite happy today to feature a truly talented crafter and wonderful fellow creative to you here on FYSA.  I met this amazing girl through my sponsor exchange and was absolutely honored to have her also swap interviews with me for each others blogs.  Citlalli not only has a super interesting and beautiful name, but she is just as fascinating and inspiring to get to know.  She is a sewing fanatic and makes the most beautiful little clutches that she sells on Etsy.  She also runs a really fun and inspiring blog.  I have been truly blessed to get to know her and cant wait to share her words with you.  Here she is... the lovely Ctilalli of Sew Beastly.

1. We got to know a little bit about you from the sponsor spotlight post last  month but can you tell us more about your creative process as an artist/crafter? (what inspires you? how do you get new ideas? what kind of environment do you like to have when you create?)

I like to think I am a very free crafter and artist.  Free in the sense that just like in real life I like to think of something and just do it.  I have followed a grand total of 1 pattern since I started sewing; it was nice to get a step-by step, but I seem to grow a little impatient every time I try to get instruction.  That's the main reason why I have been a self-taught crafter.  I like to get an idea for a design in my head and just start cutting and experimenting...the risk of cutting too much or messing up is imminent, but I think that learning from mistakes is an acceptable way of learning....  I am very hands on.
I come up with my designs by observing anything from nature to fashion....I also think of functionality and a way to apply it to my designs.
I love to rock out to my music while I create....It facilitates me spending ridiculous amounts of time with my sewing machine.  I love to get lost in my sewing.  It is quite often that I sew the night away and realize it when the sun comes up.
2. What do you love so much about the particular medium that you work with?  How does it express a bit about who you are?  
I think my passion for sewing comes from the fact that I can go any direction I want with my designs.  There are no rules in my book, and I love to have no limits in my creative process.  I think my designs express my personality in the way that I love interesting, pretty things, but I also love it when they have a purpose.

3. Who/What were your influences growing up that led you to choose this craft/art as a large part of your life today?  
My father.  He has been a free-lance artist ever since I can remember.  I have always admired his drive and work ethic.  That's what keeps me going everyday.
4. What one step/phase did you take in your creative journey that is most memorable/makes you the most proud?  My decision to go into business by myself.   
5.  Where do you hope to be creatively with your art/craft in 5 years?   
I hope to have my brand well established, and of course to be able to rock it to the max like so many ladies do every day.  I hope to find that perfect balance between my work and personal life.
Thank you so much Citlalli!  I am excited to see how far you go with your amazing creations.  If you'd like to see the interview that I did for Citlalli's blog, CLICK HERE.  I wish you all have a wonderful and creative start to your week.


  1. These look really good! I'll go and check out her blog too:)

  2. These are all lovely, and seems like a really interesting lady too =) x

  3. So super sweet! Love these creations :]
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday <3

  4. Thanks for the lovely feature Harmony!! Your sweet comments made my day!!

  5. Those purses are absolutely lovely!!


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