Monday, October 10, 2011

Made With Love: More Mail Art!

It's Mail Art Day!  I cant tell you how much this project has blessed me, especially right now while I am experiencing a very hectic and stressful month in my creative world.  I truly believe that reaching out and connecting with other creative in whatever capacity you are able is the best way to stay positive and motivated in your own artistic work.  We all need encouragement when pursuing our passions and to know that we are not alone in our struggles and triumphs, and the journey of art making is no exception.  Here are the beautiful creations that were sent to me this week, by some very lovely and talented women. 
First up is the amazing Micki Wilde of the Secret Hermit.  I met Micki online about a year ago, through our blogs and just fell in love with her sweet and whimsical girls.  She was also a huge encouragement to me as she is also a mom and totally understood my struggle to balance making and selling art and being a stellar mother.  Micki, your package truly brightened a very stressful day for me and brought me new energy and perspective.  Thank you, thank you for your sweet and generous spirit! I adore this piece you sent and it will continue to bring me daily joy as a part of my inspiration wall in my creative space. 

This beautiful digital artwork came from Maureen of The Starry Me.  I love the shapes and colors she created from this flower photo.  I literally got a instant huge smile on my face when I pulled it from the envelope, such a peaceful and calming image.  Thank you so much for sending it to me!  It is a very special piece. 

***(This leads me to mention that you dont have to be a painter or a sketcher to participate in this mail art exchange.  Whatever your medium of creative expression is perfect, and there are no rules or restrictions, OR LEVELS OF TALENT required.  As long as it is something you created from you heart, it is welcome!)

And finally, I received a beautiful piece of collage art and a very sweet note from a new friend Tina.  I love the way she uses commercial images to create something completely different and truly her vision.  I am honored to have been sent such a lovely collection of her work.  Thank you Tina! Your images and sweet words were an encouragement in my week.

If you want to know more about this project, just click HERE or on the Made With Love button on my right sidebar.  For everyone who has sent me mail art so far, THANK YOU, what a wonderful way to encourage each other.  I mailed off all of your mail art envelopes from me on Friday (except for Micki, which will mail tomorrow), so keep and eye out for them.


  1. I am so jealous of your mail box right now, all I got today was a credit card statement lol ;o)

    I'm glad your package got to you safely, looks like some of the paint was rubbed off the envelope in transit, it amuses me thinking about all what the envelope went through to get to you, I hope it had fun along the way ;o)

    Hugs x

  2. wonderful pieces of art.... so much fun!

  3. Beautiful! SO MUCH TALENT OUT THERE, fantastic :]
    What fun...
    I've sent mine off last week, any day now you should be receiving some "art love"!
    Take care.

  4. This is FANTASTIC and I would love to send you something...
    I started a "Mail me a letter or something" campaign on facebook and have gotten a ton of great items in the mail and sent some fun return items, too! It's been a real blessing, as you said. What a joy to find these things in your mailbox!
    Here's my album of the mail:

  5. Lovely to be part of your creative therapy process.

  6. And that beautiful little gift that I received from you in my mail brought an equally big smile to my face Harmony :) Thank you for sharing what I made for you! Love,Maureen


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