Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello September, when is Fall going to get here?

Happy Labor Day! It is the symbolic end of the summer.  I say symbolic due to the fact that, here in Florida, we will continue to experience summer-like weather until at least November (ugh!).  I get so jealous when I see all the Fall weather energy sweeping over other states, those cooler evenings and spectrum of leaves changing colors, sweaters and hats.  I love all of these things, but will have to wait quite a while to enjoy them here at home.  Here in Florida, we can expect at least a few more months of flip-flop weather (although lets be honest, Floridians will wear flip-flops no matter what the temp).  For those that know me well, it is no secret that I am not a Florida weather lover.  I am dying to relocate to a more 4-seasonal mountain-y type climate, but our family is here and moving with kiddos is really really hard.   So in the meantime, I have to live vicariously through those of you that do get a lovely Fall Season, by ogling your amazing pics and blog posts about the changes.  Since, today it my Pinterest Monday Inspiration Post, and I am a 7.5 month, sweating, pregnant girl, wishing for a weather change, it's an all about Fall today.  These are some inspiring pics of things that I am looking forward to this Fall, whenever it arrives here.

Lovely fall leaves with a little something extra

Pretty artsy Pumpkin Projects

Backyard campfires and drum circles with family and friends
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

Lots of chilly morning deer spottings as they come out to find more grass.  Oh and if I lived somewhere with a mountain behind it, that would be fine by me.
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

Getting lots of new yummy yarns to make warm fuzzy things in the evenings.
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

I wish I had a reason to wear arm warmers other than a fashion statement (and sweating inside them).
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

Pretty, fuzzy, warm blanket cuddles.  Dont you love when your toes peek through ones like these?

Going Camping!  My favorite way to spend a weekend in the Fall.

Decorating the house with Autumn-y things, like these lovely felt leaves.

An autumn leaves abstract artwork to get in the mood.
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

Loving subdued hues for Fall like this necklace
Source: via Harmony on Pinterest

I'd love to know what you are most looking forward to this Fall season.  Share with me in the comments.  BTW: I only have one day left on my Labor Day Etsy Sale.  I am giving a special one day only 25% off everything with code LABORDAY25 Take a peek HERE.  Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. enjoyed this post and all the lovely links! thank you so much!

  2. Lovely blog post! I just returned from TN where the leaves are barely yellow/golden in spots. I know that in a week, it will look like fall as the temps were 5 degrees lower each day we were there! Wish we could go back in October but not until Thanksgiving! So, I will live fall through my MIL's pictures! :)

    And maybe create some art using fall colors for inspiration!


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