Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Discovering New Friends... Sponsor Love.

Today is a rainy day outside my window.  A perfect day for cuddling with my kiddo reading books, building sheet forts in the living room, and baking our favorite chocolate chip cookies, oh yeah and drinking as much caffiene as I am allowed, being preggo and all, because this grey day makes me want to nap.  It's also a perfect day to share a few of my bloggy friends with you.  These amazing women are also bloggers, fellow creatives, and are recent supporters of Feed Your Soul Art!  I am really excited to collaborate with them this month, and you can look forward to seeing them again throughout September with some really fun guest posts, creative process interviews and a REALLY big group giveaway.  Here are the first group of them.  I would encourage you to click on their links and visit their virtual worlds.  They really are super talented and very very inspirational. 
Get to know more about Jill here: BLOG   TWITTER   PINTEREST   FLICKR

Get to know more about Kristin here: WEBSITE   BLOG   ETSY   

Get to know more about Ashely here:  BLOG   PINTEREST  or EMAIL to

Get to know more about Shari here:  BLOG   ETSY   FACEBOOK

Get to know more about Ryn here: WEBSITE   BLOG   FACEBOOK

Get to know Citlalli more here: BLOG  ETSY  FACEBOOK

Thanks for giving a little love to my new sponsors.  I'll be back tomorrow with lots of new art journal pages to share with you.  Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Lovely people in here!! Time to meet some I haven't met yet!

  2. Thanks for sharing these guys with us! I've explored and added some of them. Great idea to give a little bio by their photo with links below.


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