Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inside My Art Journal: New pages from a mama's world

I am going to be honest here.  Sometimes art journaling is about having fund with art with no pressure, and sometimes it really and truly is a healing process for my own emotional funk that day.  I've been having one of those pregnancy hormone surge weeks where everything seems to overwhelm me and everything seems to make me cry.  It's a normal thing, and having been through it once before, I know that it will pass soon.  So instead of crying in my palette over a wrong brush stroke or a color choice misstep, I put away the expensive paints and canvases and pulled out my art journal and $2 craft paints.  I played, I sketched, I doodled, I went over images several times.  I wrote words to myself, and to my son (who has also been having a cranky week this week).  I experimented with new techniques and materials I've been wanting to try.  In the end, I got no closer to checking anything off my "To-Do for Craft Shows" List, but I feel a lot better.  Thank Heavens for Art Making!  It is my favorite therapy.  Here's a few of my pages from my week.
There you have it.  A peek into my head this week.  I am definitely enjoying working messier and playing with brighter colors.  Both of those things make me feel authentic when I work, instead of my previous process of working and reworking and obsessing over "perfection."  I think I may be growing creatively :)  Feel free to share links to your art journal pages, or if you dont art journal but want to start, dont wait any longer!  Pick up a regular ol sketchbook with heavier pages, or stop by my Etsy Shop and take a peek at the creativity journals I make for art journaling, stock up on cheap supplies you can play with (sharpies, pencils, cheap paint, collage scraps, stamps, pens, markers, anything goes!), and start creating.  There are no rules!  Let the process free you from whatever worries and stresses you are carrying with you.  Time to play :)  (and that is my soapbox).  Have a wonderful and creative Wednesday!


  1. oh i love the expressiveness in your journals. so loose and free! go girl! i have been working more from a journal too. its amazing what new things come from the playful spirit of a journal. love and hugs to you sweet girl!

  2. Harmony - I LOVE this post - It reminds me that I need "to play" - Not always look for the "best" piece of art being made - Just swirl, and let my pencil/pen/paintbrush go ... Love your zest for life ... Love your free spirit ...

  3. I have envied others' art journals in the past but never conceived I could do the exact same thing.. you've encouraged me :) Wow! SO much inspiration already and I've just joined your site a few days ago! :)

    Please check out this youtube video (not by me) for something fun that goes with this blog theme :)

  4. Link didn't show up:

  5. Yes so true.. I do the same as well..! Your pages are their style, colors and designs...Hope you feel better already..!

  6. Loved your pages! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. awe! those are fantasically beatiful journal pages! I wish i gave myself that: some time to journal... I stopped writing in them a while ago... perhaps painting in them should give me a new wind.

    thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Your journal is so pretty. I really like it!


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