Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blooms and Roofs: A Color Study

I've been experimenting in my sketchbook lately exploring color and pattern, working up the nerve to do some serious fabric design on my newly purchased canvas cloth.  I started with some loose sketching of flowers layered on top of each other on one page and then a repetitive pattern of house doodles on the opposite page.  I really wanted to play more with using bright colors against soft hues.  I watered down some simple craft paint and started to play.  Here are a few peeks of what I created in the end.
Dont they remind you of crisp autumn leaves against a sunset sky?  As I was painting the houses, I started to imagine a story about little costumed ghosts and princesses going trick or treating door to door.  Do they inspire you to try a bit of fall inspired art making of your own?  If you'd like to try working with this color palette, I made it super simple for you.  I isolated the colors that I created with and made a digital palette just for you!
As soon as I completed my pages, I left the room and my 3 year old son snuck in and picked up his own creative inspiration on the next page.  I was able to catch him on tape and interview him a bit on his process.  If you have a child, a childlike heart, or maybe need a bit more childishness in your creative world, I highly recommend that you spend the next 2 minutes letting him inspire you.



  1. I absolutely adore the piece with the houses! Great choice of colour palette too =) x

  2. Great palette of colors! Mmmmm
    I have one question...what type of "pen" did you use on here for the outling? It is so vivid and true to color black! I use a Sharpie sometimes and I'm wondering if it is that or something more for art? TY for sharing this and your son, who's adorable! :)

  3. Hi Karen, Thanks for the question. I used a graphite pencil for the original sketch and then added a second outline in a simple black sharpie (you guessed it!). This way I got two sets of lines, in different hues.

  4. Love your new post - The colors you chose - The drawings - How Fun - Love your Blog re-design,also - Love the picture of you at the top - Love everything about my visits here!

  5. Wonderful choice of colors and such happy flowers and houses. Thanks for sharing your palette!

  6. Love the color palette. And the houses are great. I love houses.


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