Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Confessional: I Have Artistic ADHD

I am a bit overwhelmed today.  I am blown away that August is now over, and I have only 6-7 more weeks to get ready for the fall craft shows.  That might seem like a lot, but from my point of view, which includes a seven month pregnant belly with a very active little guy inside and a very active 3 year old boy bouncing around me on the outside, I am feeling unsure at my ability to get everything finished in time.  What happens to me in times like these is that my creative process morphs into something that makes me look downright certifiably dysfunctional, think ADHD meet Schitsophrenia and you've got me right now.  I currently have 8 different projects in process, and I buzz from each to each like a maniac whenever I can steal an hour away in my craft room alone. 
 I am not condoning this behavior. Even though I am loving it, it's not healthy, and it's totally exhausting, but it has always been my norm for meeting deadlines.  I am the work slowly (or not at all) until it's almost too late and then cram into overdrive for the last stretch before something is due, type of girl.  Deadlines motivate me, but only when they are looming too close for comfort.  Any of you do this in your own life processes?  I know I'm not the only crazy crammer around here.
As I lay down on my pillow last night, body exhausted, and trying desperately to shut my head off from all the swirling thoughts and ideas of things I still need to finish, I made a decision to be more intentional with my time, and if needed, I will cut back on my expectations for the shows to allow that to happen.  I desperately need some down time in my day, and right now between mothering/ household stuff/ and art time, it's just not happening.  My art time is usually my downtime, but not when I am in craft show production mode.  Then, while still really enjoyable and stimulating, it drains my energy just as much as my other roles during the day. 
 So here I go, day one of starting fresh, taking one project at a time and making a non-negotiable stop time, where I have to put down the paints and walk away and decompress.  Do you need to practice the art of slowing in your day? Or do you have a particular process that helps you stay balanced?  What does decompressing look like for you?

*all pics are from my art room, just a few of my latest partially completed projects.


  1. Dearest sweet Harmony, i totally understand this feeling of needing to slow down. I have craft market coming up in fall too and i have yet to make any preparation for it...feeling a little panic. I really like your idea of working on a project one at a time and taking breaks in between. Your work are so beautiful and colorful! Love! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and take it easy! Love to you!

  2. I am exactly like that - deadlines motivate me and, like you, I can create in s-l-o-w to n-o-n otherwise. I am working on it - I wonder if there is a 12 step program for that?? lolol I also have a kabillion projects going at once as I find when I am working on 1 - BAM - the idea I needed for another will hit me and I just have to go and do that. So you are not slone in the ADHD wild world of creating - I am right there with you!

  3. Gorgeous canvas pieces!! You rock!

  4. Love the art on your preggy belly so cute!

  5. You are AMAZING!!! You are extremely talented, prolific and now, grounded, because you recognize the need to make some adjustments...allow that into your life and you will be set...

    As for me, I meditate and deep breathe to clear my thoughts...not easy but required! And I'm not nearly as organized and thought-to-action as you are!!! ;)

  6. beautiful art.... no other words but that...

  7. I've always been the type to cram everything in near a deadline. Time management is a skill I still struggle with greatly xD

    Try to relax and just focus on doing what you can without exhausting yourself. It'll all work out some way or another :) And your art is beautiful!

  8. Your words are always comforting and hit straight to the creative heart. Your work is amazing, and I love, love the new little canvas pieces! I received my prize drawing Friday and they are hanging in my art studio, a constant reminder of you and your creative being! Thank you again. You will get it all done, but at your own pace . . . it is going to be a good selling season for you, I feel it!

  9. I just arrived at your blog via a click-through from Pinterest and your headline on this post made me chuckle out loud! I have creative ADHD, too! I've been known to do everything from cross stitch to jewelry to painting to multi-media.... which is where I'm at right now, combining Mod Podge with stamping techniques, mediums applied with a palette knife... who knows what's next?! How fun. Love your work.


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