Thursday, September 15, 2011

Artist Inspiration of the Day: The Lovely Wyanne

I really wanted to show you a new painting process video today, but it seems that hitting the 8 month mark in my pregnancy has seriously slowed me down and I am not working as efficiently as I used to.   So until I finish that project later, I thought I would share another artist's process video today.  This is a snippet of one of my favorite artists to get new technique ideas from.  I watch her videos all the time and get filled with inspiration and creative energy.  Her name is Wyanne, said "Y"-an, and if you havn't discovered her yet and explored her world, you've been missing out on some beautiful paintings and probably some of the best painting process videos I have ever watched.
It was actually her videos that encouraged me to start using alcohol and inks in my mixed media works.  She just posted several new videos and listed new paintings, and I instantly fell in love with this amazing little owl.  If I could afford to snatch it up and put it in my boys room, I would do so in a second.
Whether you are a painter, art journaler, creative player, you should spend a little time today exploring her videos, they truly are inspirational and FUN to watch.  Maybe it will give you he courage to try something new and artsy today.

I hope you found something inspiring here that brightens your day.  The idea is to keep going, keep pushing through, and keep your eyes open to discovering your creative self bringing the world alive to you in totally new ways (oh and playing with lots of bright colors helps too). 

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