Thursday, August 18, 2011

Try It! A New Perspective in an Instant

The mommy-son team has been at it again.  Last night, right before bath time for my 3 year old, he asks me if we can color together.  Who am I to deny a creative inspiration moment for a silly thing like a bedtime routine?  So we pulled out a large piece of illustration board and my tray of soft pastels and had a glorious time!  Such a mess, such fun, I love those moments with him and am really aware that I have only 3 more months of just he and I before we add another set of tiny hands to our world.  When we finished and headed towards the tub, we had really started something interesting (it went way beyond pastel sticks at this point).  I had recently heard a tip for visualizing a piece differently by cropping into different areas and getting a new ideas from those details for a direction for the entire piece.  Since I had no real thought or idea for this work, I thought I would try it. 
I am officially in love with this technique for seeing things differently.  I totally know where I want to go with this painting now.  Try this sometime.  Take something that you are working on and need inspiration for, photograph it, and then crop into different areas and blow the images up! Instant New Perspective!

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