Friday, August 19, 2011

Journal Your Heart Out Today

I wanted to share my last 2 pages I worked on in my art journal.  This book has really become more of a love letter to my son, full of things that I want to say to him and encourage him with.  Do you art journal?  Its incredibly fun and freeing.  The rules are to not have rules and to just let your creativity flow.  Sometimes it's helpful to give yourself a time limit for working on a page, to keep yourself from over thinking and just keep creating from the heart.  These 2 pages are for anyone out there that needs a bit of courage to believe in themselves and follow their heart, even if it means going alone. 

Do you want to see how I created these?  Here's a process video of me working on them.

I skipped the first part, just when I was attaching papers and just getting started, so you didnt miss much. I used vintage papers, acrylic paint (and dimensional paint! this is new for me), oil sticks, ink, stamping, graphite, and charcoal in these.  I hope you enjoyed watching me art journal.  Share links to photos of your art journal here, I'd love to see them!  Well, I'm off to my son's very last swim lesson for the summer.  He's not quite a swimmer yet, but we are getting close! I'll be back tomorrow to share a NEW post series with you.  Coloring Pages!  Dont forget to enter a comment to win the three hand stitched hoops I am giving away.  Last day to enter is tomorrow. (click on box in the top right corner to enter).  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


  1. I just started art journaling and I love it! Any suggestions for a newbie?

  2. Your art journal looks nice!!
    I'm also busy making a sort of art/inspiration journal. :)

  3. thanks harmony! i always like watching your videos :)


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