Saturday, August 20, 2011

Color Your Saturday! Free Coloring Pages for You.

Who loves to color?  Come on admit it, you never outgrow the joy of opening a new pack of crayons and filling in the shapes and lines of a coloring page.  It's downright therapeutic!  My son is constantly asking me to draw images for him of various things, and then we color in the pictures together creating a wild story of adventure for the character as we go along.  Honestly, I cant tell you how many times I find myself happily finishing the picture alone as my son's attention got distracted elsewhere, but I just can't stop my rhythm of soothing finger strokes filling the white page with happy colors.  Join us each Saturday with your own crayon pack!  I will be uploading two new coloring page creations each week for you to download, print off, and make them your own creation of color and imaginative adventure.  Just click on the image to see a full scale size and then copy and paste to your desktop.

*DISCLAIMER: I do ask that you honor and respect my work and only use these images for personal use.  This means if you decide to share the image on your own blog or site that you credit back to me, and not use the image or copy in any way for a product that you make and sell.  They are my gift to you, to brighten your weekend, so please use respectfully.  

So let's get started.  Here are the first 2 coloring pages for you to play with this week.
I thought it would be fun jump start you with my own version of each story.  BTW: Digital coloring is seriously just as fun and therapeutic as a crayon box, and you have a million colors at your fingertips.  Its a great exercise in learning about color combinations.  

So first up is Silly Simon the Blue Whale.  You see he is a Blue Whale that was born Yellow, but he really likes being different than all the other whales.  He also loves to get into mischief.  Cant you see that smirk on his face and twinkle in his eye.  He's up to something.

Next is the Fluffers Family.  They went sailing one Sunday morning when they caught a glimpse of a very rare yellow colored Blue Whale.  (Hmm, I wonder who that was?) They chased the large creature across the ocean trying to take it's picture, but then when they finally caught up, little Billy Fluffers got too excited and toppled into the waves.  The Whale swam off, and the Fluffers Family never got their picture that day.

I'd love for you to share your finished colored pages and stories in the comments of the post each week.  What adventure can you create for a very unique whale and a boat full of bunnies?  I cant wait to find out!  Have a colorful and restful Saturday.


  1. These are so cute thank you for sharing!!

  2. I adore your boat of bunnies! These are so sweet =) And yes... I still love to colour in! x

  3. These are so amazingly cute ... I printed each of them out ... Perhaps I will color tonight while watching some TV ... Love your enthusiasm for life!

  4. These are so sweet, love the whale! xo

  5. love these! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. these are so cute. i love the whale! i'm printing these off for the kids i'm babysitting today! :)

  7. The bunnies are so adorable! I especially love the colour schemes you used to demonstrate, they're awesome :)

  8. I looove those coloring pages! I love the little flag on the bunnies' ship. I'll have to get to coloring!

  9. these are all adorable images! thanks for sharing.


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