Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration Through Messiness

I've been painting today! My son went out for the day with his dad, and I am soaking up every second of me time I can while they are away.  This of course means making lots and lots of mess in my art room.
I needed a creative jumping off point, and since I'd been so excited about this art book I just bought, I decided to start there. I've come to realize that abstract painting using bright bold colors mixed with different mediums and textures is really attractive to me, and as an artist still seeking her unique voice and point of view in my work right now, I am becoming really sensitive to what feels like "me" when I run into it.  So using some of the tips from the book, and my recent obsession with all things from this other artist/designer, along with a long running deep love for the work of this artist, I let my inspiration run wild.
I call it creative play, even though I usually refer to CP time as art making time with my son.  This was just me, trying to let go of my thoughts and expectations and just let loose my inner child.  It was happy play time just for me.  I video taped the first bit of it until my batteries ran out, but you get a really fun look at the process of mixed media work.  (FYI: a miracle occurred and the dead video camera decided to start working again, hooray!  It apparently just needed a week off to recover from its fall)

For this piece I used: paintbrushes, my fingers, and an ink roller to manipulate: water soluble pencils and oil sticks, gesso, block printing inks, black alcohol ink, distress inks, vintage photos, vintage wrapping papers, various fabric strips, painted tape, doily, gel medium, and archival glue on a cold-press heavy weight illustration board cut to 8"X10".
I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH!  It makes me really happy, from the bright colors, the contrast of the black ink, and all the yummy textures from the different materials.  I feel many more like this one will be created very soon.  I really feel like I am a bit closer to my goal of creating a unique and cohesive style and vision for my work through this piece.  We'll see where it takes me...

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