Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY: Embroidery Hoop Messages and GIVEAWAY!!!

Want to give someone a note of encouragement?  Forget the paper card, here's a super cute idea for sending messages to loved ones that they will want to hang on the wall and keep for a very long time.  
The material list is simple and you probably have most of this in your craft stash already.  
Needed: 3 Inch Wooden Hoop, Cotton Thread in various colors, scraps of material (apx 6 inch diameter), scissors, hot glue, epoxy glue, pen or pencil, ribbon.
Cut your material down to fit your hoop, leaving 1 inch of excess around so you can mount it on the hoop.
Next, pick a color to wrap your frame with.  Pull off about 3 arm lengths of cotton thread of your choice and tie an overhand knot on one end onto one side of the hoop, as close to the edge as you can get.
Then start wrapping around the frame, and be sure to tuck in the tail of your knot under your wraps as you go.  Keep the wraps straight and tight as you work your way around the hoop.
Once you get to the other end, tie another knot and then affix tail with a dot of epoxy glue on the underneath.

Next stretch your fabric square on your hoop, and use a pen to sketch out the words you want to embroider on.  Then load your needle and start stitching away.  You dont have to know anything about fancy stitches to do this, just stick with simple back stitch (google it if you are unsure).
Once I finished I decided to make it look a little more aged/vintagey, and used a bit of distress ink to color the edges of the fabric (this is optional).
Then, cut down your excess material until there is only 3/4 inch hanging and fasten to the undersides of the hoop with hot glue.  And finally, cut a 3 inch circle out of a heavy weight paper (I used Kraft paper) to add a more personal note on the inside.  You can also add a pretty ribbon on top, just tie around the metal screw.  
VOILA! Simple and quick and will make someone feel so special to receive in the mail and hang on their wall. 
Here's the fun part! A GIVEAWAY!!  I have these two 3 inch hoops ready to be inscribed with personal messages and sent to surprise someone and make them feel loved.  Just leave a comment on this post with whom you would send them to and why, or what message you would want on your wall, or something else happy and fun you would like to share, and you will be entered to win both hoops along with specially decorated envelopes to mail them in, but that's not all! Since you will be sending these to someone else, I have a very special one just for you!  I will also send you this third 3 inch hoop message I made, for you to put on your wall and remind you to keep reaching for your dreams. 
Leave a Comment on this post by next Saturday 8/20.
More Entries can be added by spreading the word about the giveaway (one entry for every different way you promoted this giveaway, please include a link to your post, tweet, etc)
Make sure that I have a way to get in touch with you, in case you win!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Love this idea - I have never tried anything like this - You inspire me - Thanks for this opportunity - My email is - Thanks Again!

  2. beautiful giveaway.. love love it!
    so so meaningful.
    I would send one to my mom, and my dear friend Kelly who needs some positive in her life right now. Heck we all do, don't we?? love to you.
    HOping I win!

  3. These are really beautiful! I've been meaning to buy some new embroidery hoops for a while now, and this has really inspired me! =) x

  4. This is so so so beautiful! xo

  5. Out of bits and pieces arises art in all it's splendid beauty. Pure inspiration for all that sees it. Spreads love and joy for all that sees it and inspires those who look inside. Thank you!

  6. I would send these to a couple of my college friends who I haven't seen in quite some time!

  7. I would send toy daughter Xxoo and to my mom Xxoo
    They are awesome and so are you!!
    Great crafting!

  8. I love this giveway !
    I have the incredible luck to come across your blog just in time to enter this giveway.

    You have a nice blog, I love your art.

  9. Could you make one for me for my sister telling her I miss her very very much and can't wait till Nov...Autumn

  10. these turned out great! I've never seen anyone wrap the hoops in string. I know nothing about stitching, but would love to give it a whirl! I'd send one to my sister in Texas and the other to my mom.

  11. shared on our facebook page!

  12. Harmony;
    I love watching you grow and blossom . . . your art work inspires me always! You know I love you! Thank you for always being such an inspiration. Just wanted to spread the word . . . so I did on my FB page and Twitter . . . everyone needs to know about you!!! I don't stitch or sew, your hoops are so adorable I can't stand it!
    Donna :)

  13. What a way to brighten someone's day! I would actually give them to my daughters - it would inspire them to be creative! :)

  14. Just an FYI, your art inspired me to try some mixed media art myself. Thanks for that. *crosses fingers for a win*
    PS: In case I DO win anything, you can contact me via my blog(s). <3
    PPS: Facebook post:
    Twitter post:!/summerbis

  15. Harmony - you amaze me. I love keeping up with you on facebook and watching all of your amazing creations and inspirations go by! You have so much energy - where do you get it?

    Robin Ezzell Trager

  16. Amazing work I love all of your creations!


  17. I just love your stuff! I would send one to my best friend of almost 30 years for her new house. She lost her home and kitties in a fire about a month ago. I would tell her to never give up! And I would give the other one to my landlord who is so good to me and my daughter. I adore her! Have an awesome day!

  18. These are so pretty! I've been wanting to try embroidery for a while now. Maybe this will give me the push I need. I would send one to my parents and one to my grandmother. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I shared it on Twitter!

  20. I shared it on my Facebook page too!


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