Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Point of View... creative play

He's been obsessed with taking photos lately.  Sometimes he happens upon my camera that I absentmindedly tossed aside while working on photographing and editing photos of my artwork (oops).  Today while I was getting ready to list several new pieces in my art shop, he followed along snapping away from his own point of view.  I did not crop the images in any way, or edit them in any way other than to adjust the color a bit.  So here it is... Izzy Bee's Morning in Photos taken by the artist himself.

Some of the shots truly surprised me.  The way he framed them, the random focusing, and particularly the different objects around the house that intrigued him.  He only took one shot of each subject as well.  I would have expected lots of random shots in the same spot over and over, but it seems he had a true vision for this series.  Three year olds are truly a spectacular wonder to me.  The process of discovering life without as much mommy assistance is quite special to witness and learn from.  So here's the creative play project for the week.  Give your kiddo a camera (under extreme supervision or go buy a disposable.  We have an old point and shoot that we let him use) and let them show you the world that they see through their eyes.  You just might discover something new.


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