Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Love: The 6 Month Catch Up

I am truly starting to feel pregnant these days.  Everything seems to take a bit more effort to get done or even to motivate myself to get started.  And it doesnt help me feel less pregnant now that I have graduated into the wearing stretchy pants and skirts only stage, because everything else makes me uncomfortable.  At 23-24 weeks I am still feeling great and everything seems to be right as it should be, so I am trying really hard to take more time for myself, sit in silence, go for a run all alone, close my art room door while I paint and drown out the sounds of the house with music.   You know, all the stuff you cant do very often in the first 6 or so months of newborn life.  I can feel the nearness of my second little boy's arrival, and while I am very excited to add to our family, I also want to make sure I appreciate the special moments I have while we are a family of three.  For example: I am actually finally starting to work on my 3 year old son's journal!  I've been wanting to start this journal of thoughts and prayers for him since he was born, but life took a hold and the only time I ever thought about it was exactly when I had no time for it at all.  Now with a second little one on the way, to also feel guilty about not doing extra special projects for, I realized it was now or never.  My mother had done this for each of her children and gifted the notebooks to us when we each got married.  It was something truly special, and I know I will forever treasure her words for me.

So I now find myself doing what I call the "6 month catch up".  You know all the stuff you said you would get done or start doing before the baby arrives, but never really get to until it's almost too late.   Like do a prenatal yoga class, get massages, start making more food from scratch, start Hypnobabies CD's, read pregnancy books, rearrange son's space to make room for baby brother,  take lots of naps (yeah right), organize closets, take monthly belly pics, go through old baby stuff, paint super cute baby onesies, make new baby name for the nursery wall, on and on and on.... I did this my last go around in pregnancy, where I had such a big to-do list that I kept putting off because it feels like you have all the time in the world in the beginning, only to freak out in panic that there is only 3-4 months left and you've barely started!  At least I can scratch one off the list this week...

My 6 month Belly Pics

It doubled as a creative play project for my son and a cute pic idea.  His eyes lit up when I suggested that he paint a picture on Mama's belly for Baby Brother.  "YES!" He exclaimed and ran off to my craft room where he knows all the paint is kept.  I had him put his sweet little hand print on the side as a signature of the artist, that just sent him into a panic that his hands were dirty, which we scrubbed off immediately.  I then tried to get him to take the picture with me, but all he wanted to do was hide under my skirt and then he ran off.  Oh Well, the fun of being three years old.  Thanks for taking a moment to catch up on my little life.  Here's hoping your summer lists are nowhere near as long as mine.

FYI: My Summer Art Biz Newsletter delivery date will be probably be Monday.  (I am so behind on that blasted to do list!).  So if you want to get in on the fun (my summer sale will only be offered through there, plus a free gift!), then sign up with your email in the white box to the Left before then.   Happy Weekending to you!



  1. Sounds wonderful and I love this idea!! So cute! Excited for you and the new baby to come soon - only wishing we lived closer.

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see you beautiful baby boy #2!


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