Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Sketchy Moment

Today has been a busy day of playground visits, swimming lessons (not for me, thank you), bike rides, crafty errands, and then hours upon hours of computer work editing, listing, and writing all in the name of being a good momma and trying to promote my art world a bit.  So as I was scanning things, I popped in my ideas sketchbook and scanned the last page I was writing in.  Mostly filled with doodle fun, inspirational word ideas for the embroidery hoops, changes I want to make to my blog (in the process as you can see), and for some reason the phone numbers to the local city pools (setting up those aforementioned lessons).  It is a truly funny compilation of ideas, brainless moments, and work stuff, so for some reason I thought I would share it.

What sorts of stuff do you fill your ideas sketch pad with?

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XO, Harmony

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  1. I love seeing others' sketchbooks. It's so fun! I totally fill mine with not as good doodles of silly things & project ideas...


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