Friday, July 8, 2011

Creative Play! Painting with a 3 year old the saga continues...

end result of last nights fun

Here's the second installment of the collaboration between my son and I on this large abstract piece.  I am still not entirely sure where it is going yet, but I think we made really great progress on it last night.  Sorry for the bad lighting and all, but it's a great picture into the chaos of creating with a 3 year old.  He actually spends more time enjoying watching himself on the video camera than actually helping me, but he has always preferred to jump in and out of the process as I go along.  He sees me missing something crucial in the work and just quickly blanks out whatever direction I thought I was going and sends me somewhere new with it.  I love how spontaneous he teaches me to be with my work.  Anyway, its a silly video and I hope you find it entertaining.  Our last session will be up next week and I promise to give a better video angle so you can see more of the painting process and less of my son's antics (although I thoroughly enjoyed watching them).  He brings me so much joy. 


  1. I loved this video! Miss you guys.

  2. hehe, I love the scene where he plays ghost with the blanket and then he just wals over and takes that brush out of your hand. It really seems like he saw something thhat you missed and decided to help you. I absolutely wanna do this when I have kids, it looks like a lot of fun!


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