Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"For the Novice Stitcher"..thats me!

In my creative world lately I've experimenting with mixing paint and sewing, and I've been inspired by the simple beauty and personality of hand stitched embroidery.  So far I've been working on a hand drawn piece that I created on top of some hand painted material.  It's basically a fun sketch of some shapes, flowers, clouds, with the words "Dream in Color" across it.  The work is definitely slow going, totally different than my mixed media painting process, and to be honest, I was finding myself using the same simple stitch over and over, and getting really bored...  (I like many in my generation, struggle with follow through on things that dont produce immediate gratification.  I hate this about myself and am trying to teach myself perseverance and patience, but instead of spending the time reading through the instructive book I bought, I just skimmed a few pages and dove right into the project, figuring I'll get the gist as I go along...not really the best plan.)  Then I stumbled on this creative blog by a talented stitcher, who's done a recent series on the basics of embroidery!  It couldnt have been more tailor made for me.  It's really perfect, small bites of information, beautiful instructive photos, and she also has lots of inspirational patterns and pieces she has made to get the creative juices going.  Click Here to see it for yourself!  I loved it so much that I added her blog to my creative inspiration list on my right sidebar.  I cant wait to keep getting more inspiration from her posts.  If you've got a moment, click on the link and check out "Wild Olive" a blog by Mollie Johanson.  So here are more progress pics of my first hand painted/drawn embroidery piece. 

 I cant wait to start adding more variety of stitches after my mini tutorial.  
Happy Creating Everyone! 


  1. This is so nice! The stitches really shine on the painted background. I'm curious to see the finished piece! ;o)

  2. whoooooa what a brilliant idea, can't wait to try this! it combines both of my favorite mediums!


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