Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stitching Dreams

 Mixed Media Artwork (w/embroidery) by Mimilove

There is a growing trend in the mixed media world of pairing the hard textures of paint and paper and with the softness of fabric and sewing.  There is basically a whole magazine on the craft, which I completely drool over every time it comes out.  A lot of it is free motion stitching, using a machine with a quilting foot that you can literally "draw" on your paper or fabric with thread, a very very cool and pretty technique.  (example: pic of art quilt done by Mindy Lacefield...LUV Mindy!!)

 This led me to start thinking about the lost art of embroidery, when there was no machines and women would spend years creating gorgeous works with just a needle, thread, and their skilled hands.  I am definitely not the only one getting intrigued by this craft and its use in modern art making.  I am getting kind of obsessed with the simple beauty of it and very very excited about the possibilities of pairing hand sewn details to my mixed media works.  Here are some of my favorite embroidery artists that are inspiring me with their stitchery right now....

The lovely Pam Garrison! She has been working on an incredible all hand stitched art quilt (this is a detail from it) that has just blown my mind.  

Uber Mixed Media Goddess Karen Michel and her Amazing Prayer Flags

Love Love Love Rebecca Rindquist's Hand Drawn Samplers.  Old world sampler feel with a modern twist (I just ordered the top one!)

Sweet little embroidered necklaces by Corrine of September House (top) and Skrynka (bottom)

And these absolutely gorgeous Abstract Artworks made entirely of hand stitched embroidery, done by Danielle of Merriweather Council (top), Rachel Hunnicutt of Cornflower Blue Studio (Middle) and Rebecca Rindquist (bottom).  LOVE  LOVE LOVE...

So yesterday I couldnt stand all this prettiness any longer and had to get in on it.  I went to my nearest crafting store and purchased the goods.   I have no clue what I am doing but with a embroidery bible in hand (literally a book called The Embroidery Bible) and my squeaky new hoop, needles, and thread, I will discover my potential.  I love that it's something I can easily bring with me places and work on while I am waiting in line somewhere or stuck at the train table at the mega toy store while my son plays (you moms know exactly what I am talking about - ;)  I am working on a hand drawn design to stitch that I can incorporate into one of my painted pieces later on.  I'll give you a peek of it when I get it on my hoop.  Any seasoned stitchers out there have any advice for me?  Any novices wanting to learn along with me?  I welcome the comments.  Happy creating everyone!

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