Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creative Challenge for Today

Recently I have been fascinated and inspired by the leftover dried up paint on my palette when I am finished with a painting.  I caught myself one day in a moment of wonder while throwing the congealed mess away after I peeled it up off my plate.  I pulled it back out of the trash and looked at it.  It was a pure representation of my process in art.  It showed decisions (both good and bad) that I made in the moment of painting.  It showed my mistakes and my apologies to the piece I labored over.  It held so much emotion of my process, and I couldnt believe I had been throwing these away.  So now I am collecting them, to make something else truly emotional and beautiful from the left over mess I created.  I am looking at them in a different way, and seeing beauty and possibility in what would normally be seen as garbage.

What can you find beauty and inspiration in today that no one else would have noticed?


  1. i use an old porcelain medical tray for my palette. i get the best mixes off that!

  2. What a wonderful, inspiring thought!
    Thank you for sharing. :]

  3. I LOVE peeling the paint off my palette tray!! I also use paper towels over and over and love the little mini creations that come out of it:O)

  4. I'm with you there.....i love the peely paint bits juicy and inspiring! I'd like to add it to a piece of art!

    Love, violette


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