Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Very Splendidly Loved...

I've never been one to celebrate Valentines Day.  I always felt that if you were single on Valentines Day, then all it really ended up being was a day to make you feel really really single, and if you were in a couple then really you get to celebrate being in love whenever you want so why torture all the single people.  But then I had a child... and my heart grew so large that I couldn't contain all the love that I felt for that little boy and my small family.  It got so full that I would often cry just because I loved them so much.  Everything took on more meaning and wonder, and holidays were even that much more special and momentous.  And now Valentines Day,  the day that Pink and Hearts threw up on... I adore it!  I celebrate love beyond the mainstream marketed themes of Romance and Sex.  I celebrate family, friends, reaching dreams, and finding my balanced self.  I celebrate those things that I love and which bring my heart to such a fullness that I totally get the phrase "feels like my heart will burst!"  And I celebrate you :) No matter where you are in your life, single or coupled, you deserve a love so full that your heart wants to burst, a love for your balanced self, and my hope, wish, and prayer is that you are saturated in that kind of Love all year long.  DONT SETTLE FOR LESS!

Heres a little something my son and I did together, and I thought it would make a sweet valentines day card.  So here is my valentines to you :)   Feel free to copy it and reprint to give to anyone in your life that you celebrate on this day of Love, or maybe to someone who needs to hear the message that they are indeed special and deserve all the gifts and preciousness of a true love.  Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. Very sweet card the two of you did--love it!

  2. It is wonderful and how awesome to have your sons help. Beautiful creative memories you'll both always have which is more important than all the mainstream marketing. Thanks for sharing it. I am gonna copy it for sure!!!
    Many Blessings, Deborah

  3. Thank you for sharing... your sweetness!

  4. Too sweet:O) Thanx for sharing:O)Children definitely change our lives for the BETTER!


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