Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dream Work

Sometimes dreams are complicated.  Sometimes keeping a dream and having the courage to reach for it has a whole lot more to do with hard transitions, letting go, and feeling unprepared and a bit alone in all of those things.  I know a lot about this right now.  I know that I want to do really really BIG things with my love of art making and my abilities in counseling.  But getting there seems to be a long road with no one who really truly understands what I am going through, and often, when it gets really complicated and it feels harder and harder to see forward motion in my adventure, I start to doubt myself.  I start to think about giving it all up, going back to what was easy, known, free of drama.  The problem is that I am not the same person I was when I started this journey.  When I decided that I would no longer settle for what was average, when I realized that I deserved an extraordinary life, I let go of a part of myself that I will never get back.  It was the part of myself that had made a home within complacency.  That part no longer exists, and I cant go back no matter how much I might want to in those hard moments.  For now I have seen myself beyond a lifestyle of settling.  I have visioned an incredible existence full of love, family, creativity, and fulfillment of my purposes and talents that I believe God gave me.  I was created to be extraordinary, and while I am still struggling each day to discover the fullness of God's Love for me and what my life was destined for, I cling to that truth knowing that revelation can be a journey of a million small incredible moments until when you look back you can no longer see the person you started from.

Artwork by the gorgeously talented Anahata Katin 
borrowed from Papaya Art

I hope that you know how extraordinary you are too, and that you deserve the best that life can bring you.


  1. such a beautiful post. I am learning this. I deserve love. I deserve respect. I deserve happiness. I deserve success and love abounding. I deserve a happy life. Thank you for sharing this. xo It blessed me tonite. xo

  2. Harmony....your words spoke so beautifully to me! How blessed I am to know you and call you friend. You speak from the heart and I always enjoy listening. My new year started with your beautiful journal! I am taking the Mondo Beyondo course on dreaming, and your words came through loud and clear. . . just what I have been learning! All of my class notes, dreams and lessons are inside your beautiful journal. I am blessed!
    Love to you

  3. I hope you realise how truly inspirational you are.
    I too am working towards being a counsellor, and also pursuing making something of my creative heart.
    Follow your dreams and love that God had taken your complacency and replaced it with eagerness
    God bless x

  4. Harmony,I believe God places those dreams on our hearts for his purpose, I think there is definatly a need for healing and counseling through art and creativity. I dream teaching of art n soul retreats. I just wish sometimes God would give us a map so we could just get to the place he wants us a little faster. Many Blessings, Deborah


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