Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures in Abstract

This month I've been giving myself permission to slow my creative art making process.  It's my response to the huge transition I took on in my life by going back to school this semester: completing a clinical that brings along daily clients who share their crises and stressors with me in their sessions, while balancing my role as a mom, a wife, and my own self care at home.  It's a lot of change for me and I dont ever handle change well.  I knew that I didnt need to pile on the self guilt because I was not producing art, or posting blogs, or interacting on social networking sites at the rate or level that I had held myself to last year.  This choice was good for me and, although I daily struggle with urges and desires to drop everything and just lock myself away in my art room to paint alone, I have been able to stay present and focused in my new experiences because of it.  That does not mean I didnt squeal and shriek with excitement and delight when my husband informed me that I would have a whole Saturday to myself to paint this weekend.

It had been over a month since I had done any "real" painting.  I felt nervous, out of sync with my heart, and out of practice with my small group of painting skills.  I struggled with a piece until I hated it completely and could no longer look at it, and then left the room for a much needed break.  That was when my husband presented me with a package that he picked up from the post office for me that morning.  I was excited to get into that box.  I knew exactly what it was and couldn't wait to see it. 

The week prior to that I had been playing around on Etsy looking for other budding artists that were new to me, when I stumbled upon a shop full of incredible abstract pieces.  I used to be so indifferent to abstract art, but lately have found myself oddly attracted to it.  This artist's work was bold, delicate, and quite stunning.  It created an emotional reaction for me, and that is really the key to abstract work.  I clicked on the button to add her shop to my favorites list.  Within 2 hours, I had an offer in my inbox from the artist to do an art trade! I was so honored and excited. 

Once I had my chosen painting in my hands, I was instantly inspired and really wanted to try an abstract piece based on a similar concept.  So I scrapped my first project and grabbed a couple of small square wood panels and just let go of expectations and control for what the paintings would become and just had fun playing with shape, texture, values, and composition.

Here they are!

 Create and Transform 2011 by Harmony Lenasbunt

I am curious to get your take on these.  (I'm not asking for validation persay.  Abstract art is truly difficult and I dont claim to be any good at it.  I am really truly interested in your reaction to them).  This is a total departure from my normal style and previous work, but super fun to do, nonetheless.  I actually found the abstract style really helpful with my creative block and spent most of today (Sunday) working away at a new piece that I am SUPER psyched about and will share with you later this week.  If you are hitting your head against a mental block or a major time constraint for artmaking, try some abstract work.  You just might surprise yourself.

PS. (just for kicks, check out the link to the artist I traded with.  You should be able to quickly pick out the piece that is beautifully gracing my wall right now and was the jumping off point for my adventure into abstract art).  Have a blessed week! :)


  1. these are both fabulous.. I love painting abstracts and bold designs myself.. your work is stunning! hugs.. beautiful!

  2. I love them. The colors, the words, the feel of them really speak to me :)

  3. I am loving your abstracts! Fabulous! ♥

  4. I love them! You're so incredibly talented. :) I hope you make more; I really love abstract art and I really love YOUR art.

    I took some surrealism literature classes in college and fell in love with the poetry and the artwork is evocative, too.


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