Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whats On My Work Table

My son got sick this week, so no painting time for me, but I really wanted to share with you a bit of what's laying on my work table right now, calling to me, begging to be finished...

Each of these pieces are totally different in intention, style, technique, and my goals for them... I suppose I am experiencing a bit of creative schizophrenia...

What's on your creative plate this week, pulling at your heart for your full attention when you should be doing dishes/laundry/homework/etc...?


  1. need to finish up my artFOOLishness challenge piece, order new buttons and mags and update the shop. i am loving the layers of these pieces. your art makes me take a deep breath.

  2. I am creating some Valentines this week to mail off and I have a canvas awaiting more paint. I can't wait to see your piece done. I am loving all the colors and textures~
    Have a happy creative rest of your week~ Theresa

  3. Gasp! Oooo I LOVE them!! Can't wait to see more of them.


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