Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Days of Flight

With lots of opportunity for it to happen, we made it through the weekend without one major chaotic moment.  What a blessing! I have some really great pics and stories to share from the experience.  Unfortunately when we packed up, my camera ended up in my sister's car, so the pics will have to wait a day or two.  The weather was hot, Fall Florida style, and the crowd was definitely very different than the last show.  You could tell that there was a much higher percentage of people this time that just didnt "get" my art.  I would overhear their comments that they didnt think about someone listening to, "it's like art for little kids" "i could totally paint that" "i would never buy anything in a frame like that" or my favorite, they'd say nothing but just make this disgusted looking face like they just sucked on a lemon.  None of which really bothered me, its part of the experience, and I dont expect everyone to like my work. I have definitely been guilty of a few "i could do that" comments in art booths in the past.  Its just a really different thing when you are watching it happen. (and a little disheartening when you see the number of people walking around with their newly purchased southern style "art works" (confederate flags, boats, palm trees), and I realize that I am probably living in the wrong market for my work.)    There were a great deal more people this week that had never heard of Etsy before.  So I got to introduce them to a new world of handmade gifts and art.  But then there were brilliant moments of connection, that just lifted me up for the rest of the day, watching a person see something I made and it light them up, bring out emotion for them that they didnt expect.  I was honored to be a part of that experience with them, tell them the story of what the painting meant for me when I made it, and let them take a piece of it home with them.  Some left encouraged to pick back up their long abandoned art passions, and these were my favorite moments.  I met other etsians (crafters/artists that sell on etsy) and we encouraged each other, incredible seasoned artists who offered words of advice, and then twice a person recognized the connection between my work and the artists that inspired me (this was magical for me).  I do now know that several new lives will be growing up looking at my birds on their walls, many young mothers will be gifted my motherhood print, and quite a few tweens, teens, and college girls will be sporting my button sets on their book bags, and this is a really fun feeling. 

The flip side of all these incredible interactions was the sheer exhaustion of doing two days of super early mornings, late nights, long days of standing, talking, setting up, selling, and breaking down.  Once again I had started my days with very little sleep (apx 2 hours the first day and 5 the second), so caffeine and sugar were my inspiration in the moments in between waves of browsers.  I am very aware of the reality that the festival lifestyle is a true commitment, and I am not sure that I am ready to take it on full time yet.  I think I am going to be an "every so often" festival type of girl, and just gear myself up for them.  They are really fun and I did pretty well, but I am 2 days post festival and I still feel wrecked.

I thankfully have 3 weeks between this last show and the next one.  I am definitely going to let myself take a buisness break for a week or so, and try to just lost myself in some painting again.  I am super excited to announce the winner of my giveaway last week is MANDY! 
Congratulations girl!  I am so excited to send this print to you as you prepare for your sweet little girl to arrive.  (send me an address to

I'll be back tomorrow with pics and more specific stories.  Until then, have a blessed and creative day!


  1. Phew!! fairs are exhausting aren't they?
    I decided not to do any this year as they left me so shattered and they haven't been doing too well in the uk lately either, I feel quite free this year but I am missing that extra cash flow though :(

    Micki x

  2. Congrats on being a great artist first of all. I know what comments and clientele at shows can be like--it can be discouraging, but you stated it didn't get to you (maybe alittle?) Anyway, you are clearly successful and I find your work inspiring and sweet. I am a "new" artist myself and love love love creating but sometimes the showing can be a let down at some moments. I enjoy visiting your blog! Thanks.


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