Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Catch Up

 my ghostly little boy

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.  Trying to keep a normal family life while doing weekend art festivals proved to be quite taxing, and sometimes impossible.  Halloween was falling right in the middle of all the craziness from my festival schedule, but I really wanted to make sure that my little bee didnt get pushed aside in the chaos.  Our family doesnt really celebrate Halloween per say, but we love the idea of dressing up in costume and celebrating the energy and spirit of the Fall.   So my husband and I took a break from all the prep we were working on for the Micanopy show and purchased some costumes.  We found a Dog and an Elmo costume for my son to pick from.  However, we quickly learned that he had no intention of wearing either one for the festivities.  Screaming fits of rage when I tried to slip one over his head,  I was super bummed.  He would have been so cute dressed up with the other kids, but I also want him to be himself and if he didnt want to wear it, it was his choice.  So we took off for a local Halloween celebration, with my son dressed as a Football Fan (he was already wearing a UF Gator T-Shirt), and even though we were surrounded by oh-so-adorable bears, super heros, princesses, and pirates, I think we were still pretty cute.

Later that night, as we were getting ourselves into the bedtime routine, my little man pops out holding his costumes that he found in the pile we left them in as we hurried out of the house earlier.  He handed me the elmo costume and then grabbed my hand and pulled to over to our little boston terrier, sleeping sweetly in his bed.  "Darshy...Emmo!" (Translation: Make Darcy into Elmo, Mom!)  Curious, I complied, as did our very patient and loving little dog.  

Once Darcy was in his costume, Izzy squealed with glee and grabbed the other Dog costume and motioned for me to help him put it on, which I did.  

And so, our bedtime routine was shot out the window as Elmo and Puppy ran around the house barking and laughing and eventually wrestling (their favorite activity together).  I tried to snap a few pictures, but it being very poor light in the house and them moving so fast, they didnt turn out so great. 

Still I am excited that he enjoyed wearing his costume, even if it was only for us and his dog.  We did try one more time to take him to another Fall celebration after that, but it was on one of my festival days and he was so tired and cranky from getting up early with us that we just gave up and figured we'll try again next year.   Happy Fall Everyone!! 

*(I just put up the pics from my last show on Facebook.  So be sure to pop over there and take a look.)

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