Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up and a GIVEAWAY

 the golden loop by Ronald Ceuppens

Its been a strange week.  Lots of stuff to do, but low motivation to do it.  I've been working slowly to catch up all the little things that needed to be done after the last show and before the next one.  I did finally get all my materials in to complete the magnets that I wanted to make for the next show and am almost done making those.  I also have a HUGE pile of unmade button parts staring at me, needing to be made.  I want to paint something, but dont have the time to get lost in it, so here I am slowly working, partially inspired, partially overwhelmed, partially exhausted.  I need a bit of creative adrenaline to amp me up for this next weekend of selling.  When this happens I start scouring the internet for a new inspiring artist.  I found some really incredible 3d Mixed Media pieces by a European Artist named Ronald Ceuppens.  See Here for more incredible pics of his work.  Perhaps it will bring you some creative inspiration too.

 bleodneus by Ronald Ceuppens

Here's the thing.  I am a true introvert.  I enjoy socializing and meeting new people, but the time that I do those activities take away from my energy storage instead of filling it (like it would for my oh-so extroverted sister).  Time alone, time with my paints, my thoughts, and just plain old silence is what fills me back up to enjoy and crave socializing again.  So I've been letting myself be drained and have been staying home for the most part this week, trying to restore my soul, renew my spirit, and get pumped up for two long fun days of talking to new people who visit my art booth.  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  What fills your reserves?

I also wanted to say that I finally went through all the comments from my post about motherhood when I shared the painting I made to heal some fears.  Go here to read the post.  I was overwhelmed with the feeling of connectedness to these strong and compassionate women and the many others that I know share our story but just didnt leave a comment.  I adore this painting I made so much, that I am having trouble coming to a decision about selling it.  I did, however, pay to have it rescanned on a large scale scanner, creating the most true to the original print I possibly can.  It came out breathtaking.  I wanted to share it with you.  So I am doing a giveaway for an 8X10 print of this painting.  You can put a comment in to enter until Monday night 12a/ 11.1.2010

To Enter this Giveaway, just comment on this post, let me know what fills your reserves when you are drained.  

You can get more entries by advertising my blog on your social networking sites (blog, twitter, FB, etc) and put a new comment with the link to it for each time that you promote me.  

Also, if you sign up for my newsletter (see tab on right top of my blog), you get another entry.  Please leave a comment to let me know that you did. 

If you dont want to wait and just want a print now, I am offering this motherhood print (titled "Little Star" on my etsy site for a special price of $15 this week only.  It would make a wonderful print for a nursery or a lovely gift for a new or seasoned mother.   Have a wonderful week and check back for more updates on my latest festival experience.


  1. I love this print so much! I am expecting a little girl in March and I have spent hours wondering and dreaming about what kind of woman she will grow up to be.

    I love being around people, but I HAVE to have my time alone... Just me and God. I love to take long walks and just pray. : )


  2. I subscribed to your newsletter.

  3. I know this sounds like reverse psychology... but I find painting gives me back my energy far more than anything else- more than a sleep, food.... anything!! Even just a hour of BEING, alone, with paints and canvas can be like been given a burst of LIFE. Lots of thought and ENERGY your way, especially for the weekend! XX

  4. What a beautiful print! I hope I'm the lucky winner...

    I recharge by taking a long hot shower - needless to say, with a 3-year-old and a little baby I've had some days with 2 or 3 showers!

  5. I revive by just stepping outside with my dog and checking on my flowers:O)

  6. When I'm drained I take a nice hot bubblebath.

  7. oh ! And I suscribed to your newsletter. And I have a link to your blog on mine (it's currently under construction but will be up and running soon)

  8. Hey Harmony, I was at Micanopy this weekend and got to meet you are your sister! LOVE your stuff! I'm an introvert. I teach 6th grade and it takes all I have to make it through the day. I come home and crash each evening. Recently I've been pouring what I have left of creative energy into altered books. I find your work SO inspiring.

    -Whitney Drew

  9. thanks for doing this..very exciting...well, when my energies are down I refill doing art and good essential oils. Have a great week!

  10. just came across your blog and am LOVING it.

  11. I am currently taking Donna Downey's fabirc class at Big Picture and it is really filling me up. I want to do nothing all day but this. I wish! Kids to get ready for school, conference call at 8. Still it will all be here waiting when I get home! Oops, soccer. Well there's always the weekend. Nice to feel p"ulled into" the room with the pain. Love your painting. The colors are marvelous.

  12. It was so nice to meet you (and your art!) this weekend at the Micanopy art fest. Thank you for the beautiful painting, "The Journey". I have it hanging in my living room and it inspires me every time I look at it!

    I restore my energy by doing yoga, meditation, walking, jogging, writing, painting, creating, reading and drinking herbal tea. :)


  13. art & music: books, magazines, nature & fashion

  14. Your art is wonderful! I would love to learn from you and all the other wonderful artists I have found on Facebook! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creativity. I too love to create art and crafts, the time I spend doing it takes me to a happy place in my heart. I love scrapbooking, painting, making jewelry and crocheting. With each work we do, we leave a part of history for future generations! Now how wonderful it that?!


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