Monday, August 2, 2010

An Artful Morning in Pictures

Today was scrap art day!  Whenever I feel I have the energy to keep up with a 2 year olds art process and deal with the aftermath of mess, I pull out all the art supplies and have a collaboration session with my son.  This is something I started doing with him as a last resort to keep him from painting/drawing all over the project I was working on a few months ago.  In the process, we discovered MAGIC!  I blogged about it and explain more about what the scrap art pieces entail HERE.

It was a whirlwind of fun, messiness, fingerprints (and footprints!), and creativity.  I adore doing art with my little guy.  I hang on to the hope that if I keep involving him in my art, giving him lots of opportunities to explore his own creative capacity, that a little artist may emerge.  Given that my husband doesnt have one tiny inkling to do any kind of fine art (he's more of a musician), I want to produce at least one other artsy person in this family. -it's my own little selfish mommy moment.  

15 minutes of getting organized and set up takes about 5 minutes to deconstruct as he loses patience to start and begins exploring the boxes

The glorious chaos of art making can not be contained! (see the splats of paint in the back and there are little blue footprints all over the tile).

Here are some of our pieces drying.  See how super fun they are!  We even used my old bag of buttons to add in the mix.  After the paint is dry, I will go back over them with some more collage elements and pen work.  Then I attach 4 panels together to make a wall hanging.  (I'll post more pics of these when they are totally finished)

The footprint culprit!

 Have a creative and artful day!


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  1. Love it! Orin and I had a painting day yesterday... great mommies think alike? :) Way too cute.


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