Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Magic and Perhaps Some Inspiration

 I've been thinking a lot about bubbles today, and I cant really explain why...  They just keep coming up in my mind... Blowing bubbles, bubble baths, the rainbow of color on the surface, the quiet space captive within, the dance of a floating bubble in the breeze, the glee of catching one on your tongue, the way you cant feel sad or melancholic when you are blowing through the little wand and creating them.  They are magical.

 No matter how old or young you are, everyone gets distracted by their presence and something childish, perhaps even long forgotten, breathes in and fills with a bit of joy.  Or a HUGE amount of glee in my son's case.


 He adores bubbles, its one of the 5 words he loves to repeat constantly.  Tonight when I gave him his bath, he went straight to the linen closet and pulled out the large bottle of bubble bath soap that he knows I stow away there.  "Bubs!" he cries, eyes alight with joy and anticipation and hands me the bottle.

As I pour the oddly purple liquid in and the foamy white surface begins to build, my little boy jumps and flaps his arms and squeals.  "Bub, Bub, Bub, Bub!" he chants while laughing.  I have to admit I feel a quiet calm, a peaceful happiness swallow me up, enjoying every second of our tub time.  We cover each others faces with bubble beards and mustaches and blow puffs of them off our hands and into the air.  I will never forget witnessing the magic of a bubble for him.

So if you find you self in need of a bit of cheering up and peacefulness in your day today, I highly recommend a bubble making session of some sort.   To further inspire you, I put together a fun collection of handmade and vintage arts from some fellow etsy artisans who used the design element of the bubble as their inspiration.

To view this treasury Click Here
(All bubble photos found at



  1. i already took my bath tonight but left out the bubbles. boo! but due to your post, i'll remember them tomorrow!

  2. Great suggestion and the pictures are marvelous! I want to play and fly ;)


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