Monday, June 14, 2010

Because I felt like someone might need this today...

Just wanted to encourage you to take some time for yourself today.

Put off the to-do list for a little while, hand the kids over to a helper, let go of your expectations for your accomplishments...

and just be still, breathe, and create something unexpected.  

Now tell us what you did just for yourself today. 


  1. Thank you for this post!
    What wonderful thoughts for the day.
    David watched Orin for me this morning while I plunked around my grandparents yard which is a treasure trove of rusty bolts and long forgotten 'junk' just begging to be turned into something else! Gran also gave me a stack of old magazines, newspapers and a box of antique wrapping paper! I asked to borrow her glue gun, it was on the porch waiting to glue the wing back on her yard angel. I fixed the wing, pondered the significance of this, and left quite satisfied with my box of goodies!! Not a huge chunk of mommy time, but I will steal it when I can.

  2. Hi Harmony, I am in your flying lessons class. I have to say I read your April 6 post and could totally relate. Tonight I happened across your blog from blog roll and I was happy I did. I have be redoing my blog over and over. My header I made too busy. I just was so frustrated. I said to my daughter ok, I am ready lets just go outside and play in the spa. We enjoyed the air, the water, life and I hope I can have a renewed spirit to find the right me in it all. Sorry for rambling, but your posts rang so true to me today. I will visit often and extend the invite to you to visit my work in

  3. I just found your blog...and I absolutely love it!!! Great message - so inspiring!! I will check back often!!!


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