Monday, June 14, 2010

paper products and sisterhood

The other day, I sold this Journal at my Etsy Shop. (this is always a really exciting and rewarding moment for me).   The purchase came with a note, "I LOVE this journal. Hoping to have it for a special Girls Night party I'm hosting. Beautiful work - thank you" 

I was intrigued.   I messaged her back ensuring that I could get it to her in time for the gathering and asked if she could tell me more about what it was being used for.  To which she replied, " Two girlfriends and I have been meeting once a month for dinner and drinks for over ten years now. The rule is everyone brings a drink and a homemade appetizer or dessert that you've never tried/made before. A few months into it we bought a journal to capture all the recipes, and subsequently our current life situation at that time. It's the coolest book ever, but we're coming to the end and need to start a new one. I've been on the hunt for MONTHS but your perfectly fits our personalities and the creation that it becomes. Thanks for the beautiful pieces - can't wait to see it in person!"

I was floored.  What an amazing gift she gave me!   To have one of my books chosen so carefully and specifically for what is obviously a very sacred and special ritual for these lovely group of friends, was beyond flattering.  It was so wonderful to be able to have a small part in the beauty that these women have created with each other.  This was really really special.  I felt validated for creating these books and putting so much time into them.  As I packaged it up and got it ready for its journey, the book instantly felt different to me.  I thought about the hands of each of these friends holding the book, spending time in it entering their new recipes, decorating the pages, and sharing life stories.  There would be times of joy, laughter, tears, and trials, and they would be walking through it all together.

(Painting by an incredible artist and new friend, Mindy Lacefield of Tim's Sally)

 It makes me yearn for such a sisterhood.  One that would last for a decade and beyond like theirs does.  What a beautiful way to travel through life!  I have been receiving a lot of such encouragement lately, (especially since I have just moved) to reach out and start gathering women in my life that give me strength and love, and create more opportunities to connect and build sacred space and authentic relationship between us.

This has also led me to reflect on the women that have helped me through and been my family circle when I needed it most.  This past year I had A LOT of crazy transition and stress (will share more about that at a later time), and these 3 beautiful women helped me through.  (You know who you are) :)  Thank you my wonderful friends!  I wouldnt be here doing this, following my dream, without you all.  I will miss having you with me.  NANANA!! I adore you!!

If you have a group like that in your life.  Tell me about it.  Share how you came together, and how you connect in sisterhood.  Now take a moment and CELEBRATE the beautiful women in your life. 

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  1. NANANA!!!
    love you! miss you Harmony ... again and again in little moments ...


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