Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Gentle Reminder For Myself

With all the distractions of modern day living being way too available for sucking away my time, (and the craving it develops for us to want to be entertained at all times) here's just a little reminder that I needed today...

 artwork by Harmony Lenasbunt 2012
So here's my challenge for us all to take a day and unplug, turn it all off, look around us, and breathe in life just a bit more slowly...  This is a very good thing.


  1. I totally need to do that and I have a holiday coming up in a few weeks where I am taking well deserved time out :o)

    Enjoy your time to breathe x

  2. Oh I love the art!!1 Thanks so much for sharing!!! I have one of those days scheduled for this week... just me and my sister and whatever we want to do :)

  3. you are so, so right!!
    i did this over the weekend - my birthday and our wedding anniversary - and what a wonderful weekend it was!!
    i sprang back on monday all refreshed and deeply relaxed...
    wonderful artwork btw :)

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  6. It's so cute. I love this artwork! I also spent time during occasions making designs.
    Thank you for posting. Keep up.

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