Monday, February 27, 2012


I love most everything about being a mom.  My two kiddos make me laugh and keep a smile on my face almost all day long.  Then we have our off days, the fussy, impatient, needy, clingy, crying, off days.  That was today, and I am mentally and physically exhausted.  So a little photoshop therapy in the form of what I am calling digital art journaling, and I feel much better.  I've been playing with layering vintage photos and different textures and colors.  Its really fun when you want to be creative but you dont have the time (or the space) to get messy just then.  So with a baby bouncing on my knee and a 3 year old building structures on the floor behind me, I made this.  Hope it inspires you too, and I wish you (and myself) a stress-free day tomorrow.

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  1. This is wonderfull. I have done a lot of digital art journalling and it is a great way of expressing yourself, without the ' mess'. Wishing you a relexed easy day today. Xo maureen


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