Monday, December 12, 2011

Living Slowly, Loving Fully.

We've been up to our eyeballs in babyland over here.  It never ceases to amaze me how much time, attention, and energy caring for a tiny human can take.  Over the past 3 weeks, our little family has really pulled inward and just immersed ourselves in getting to know and falling in love with our newest member.  Baby Zay has been unusually easy on us all (compared to his big brother's newborn lifestyle), but most especially on his mama (me!).  He only took a few nights to get his nights and days on track, and wakes to eat every 2-3 hours but then happily goes back to sleep.
Big Brother Izzy is amazing! Not a hint of jealousy and he has been so sweet and helpful with the baby.  We did deal with some jaundice with Zay for the first week and had to get the bili-light blanket to help.  We called him our little glow-worm, and he is doing just fine now.
I've been incredibly blessed to have lots of help these first few weeks, with loved ones staying with us to help with early morning wake ups, so I can go back to bed and get a few more hours of sleep.  I am actually averaging 6-7 hours each night, which is a miracle with a new baby.  We have a lovely new routine of playtime, snack time, and nap time, with trying to keep the house in order as well as entertain my 3 year old in between.  Balancing two kiddos is different, and I realized how much I got used to the independence my older son has.  There is very little time for mommy to do anything not parenting-related right now.
I do miss my craft room.  I really miss my painting time but know that there will be space for that in my life very soon once again.  I did, however, finish reading a leisure book for the first time in like forever, did all my Christmas shopping (thank God for the internet), and caught up on all the episodes of Mad Men that is being streamed on Netflix.  (all of these things done while rocking/nursing/ burping/ etc). 
So right now, I am taking it slowly. Breathing in the sweet moments. Knowing so fully well how fast they will go by.  I am hoping to post my birth story soon.  I had it almost all typed up and then got distracted by a projectile vomit situation and then my computer died (before I remembered to save it, bummer.)  So I am going to have to give it another go again soon when I can find the time and focus.

I am excited about starting up with the 2 e-courses I signed up for to get my creative momentum back up after Christmas and am really looking forward to diving back into art and creative time to myself soon.  There are SO many amazing artsy courses being offered online this spring.  It was really hard to choose, but I chose this one and this one, because they were so perfectly aligned with where I want to be artistically and creatively right now.    What creative courses are you taking, or are wanting to take this year?


  1. Gorgeous piccies, especially the big brother piccie, he is looking so happy to be near the baby, I love pics like that!!
    I hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas x

  2. amazing photos.. enjoy your precious family! hugs xo

  3. Awww - there is such wonderful love and sweetness in this post... I'm so glad to see you taking the time to enjoy it!

    I'm sure your holidays will be magical! Hooray!


    p.s. I'll see ya in "Hello Soul, Hello Business"!

  4. What a CUTIE! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

    I've just bought Make Art a Part of Your Life e-course and hoping to try Red Velvet's sewing e-course later in the year!


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