Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soul Full Hearts

"Believe You Can" (2011) Mixed Media Original by Harmony 
AH-MAZING!   I did it! I survived the show at 9 months pregnant and am now finally resting for a long lazy morning with my family.  I believed that I could do it, and I did (although I will admit there were points along the way, that I was sure that I would not be ready in time, but wonderfully it all worked out).  We had a good show day, the weather in FL was incredible, my team was stellar, and the crowd was a joy to watch and interact with.  I had lots of plans to video and take pics throughout the day to share with you, but the truth is, I got caught up in the set up and selling process and just plain forgot.  We had a pretty great response once again, and I was so excited to see some familiar faces that I had met in my booth the last year we did this festival.  I absolutely love connecting with other creative women and soulful hearts.  It is the reason why I started seriously doing this and the inspiration behind all of my original works, like these recent paintings.
 "Soul Full Heart" 2011 Original Mixed Media Painting by Harmony Lenasbunt
So now all my boxes and displays are packed away ready for the next show in Dec.   Now I get to take a bit of a break to rest, play, create just for FUN!, and get ready to have this baby.  I am really looking forward to blogging again each day and really appreciate you sticking with me as I took the time I needed to focus on this show.  I will also be stocking my Etsy Site with lots of new things, art journals, wood block prints, lace necklaces, and embroidery pieces, so keep checking for those updates.  If any of you are new visitors to my blog after meeting me yesterday, please leave me a comment or send me an email, I'd love to connect further and hear more about your creative dreams.   Have a wonderful and restful Sunday everyone!

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